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  1. I tried posting this earlier today. This is still an issue in 1.04. I have noticed it since retail. Happens regardless of game mode.
  2. I love the game, I just wish more people would tuck it out and play it, rather than sit here and ###### about it.
  3. My only issue with the kits (since I've gotten used to them), is that the icon/images arn't clear as to what is in the kit. And there is abug, where the kit image wont update if the gun is the same. Re: Kit 1 and 2 of assault still shows the silencer on Kit 2 if you go from 1->2. But if you go 1->2->3->2, the silencer will disapear. --- I wouldn't be opposed to giong to the custom kit setup, but the current kit setup is fine with me.
  4. There was a Total Conversion/Mod for Quake III, called Urban Terror. In Urban Terror, you had the option (need, really) to bandage your wounds when you've been shot. You wouldn't regain health (not enough to matter), but you would stop the bleeding, that would eventually kill you if you let it. Also, if you were shot in the groin with a specific weapon, you were nearly dead to the point where you couldn't bandage fast enough, and so would die from bleeding anyways. It was a great mod, too bad there wern't really servers or playerbase for it. Honestly, I think it was alittle ahead of it's time.
  5. I wouldn't buy it if there was a GRAW2 for PC. All GRAW 1 did was make me frusterated to the point of tears. (Re: Bad netcode, obnoxious bugs, ectra) I really wish I was able to enjoy the game, I guess I'm just too hardcore of a gamer to be able to enjoy something that was executed so poorly. That being said, I hope they do a good job with GRAW2 for the X360. They got good sales on the first GRAW for the X360.
  6. How is that not personal? As far as this forum is concerned, really, all I am is a number. How does it matter if I play at 8pm EST after work, or 3am on the weekend? ######ing stalker the ads may only be served between 6pm and 9pm on a weekday evening or similar, to replicate 'primetime' viewing. ROCK ON! So my game will only look/run like ###### during set times of the day! (Re: from what I've seen, the ads are texture tags like CSS sprays throughout the levels) OK, so it's basically a video of what you're playing all the time. At the very least, can we get a demo of us playing while you're making our ###### bleed? Dip######, you've already identified us through our IP's - even though you don't know our names or SS's, you can track us to our homes. I think this has already been covered, no? I somehow see how this many differnt articles being written, and this many posts, consists of "Minority". I wonder how hard their sales actually will suffer? I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison chart of BF2/2142 sales. This was also already covered (Re: movies) - in that the movie makers are still making a killing reguardless of the lesser charge. Still entertainment though. Honestly, this doesn't bother me. If it's on a billboard that is half blown up, in the middle of the battlefield (yet next to a highway), that's another story. Even if they change the ad every map or so, that's a differnt story. It's tactful placing like this that I was honestly worried about. I don't want to see colorful/tacky/blantant ads all over my games. THAT is (part 1 of) what I am worried about. The other thing I am worried about is the IP's. I don't want them to track anything about me. Granted, the game will have to, but I belive you know what I mean. Get rid of the spyware aspect and just run some banner/ad script that has maybe 6-10 differnt ads every game. Sure, you wont be able to track actual views of said ads, but you could change that method of charge and just charge a static fee for getting your ad into the game's "Ad Rotation", if you will. This also made me laugh, which was covered as well. Granted, I suppose "Near future" could be defined differntly between person to person. To me, near future is within my lifetime (re: 22 now, so lets say anywhere from 30-60 years) Anyways, just my .02. I've had alot of other thoughts on the subject, and they keep getting skewed because I keep forgetting what it is I want to say. The above quotes are taken from this article.
  7. Randomly in the game? What in sam hell? There is no way I'd let some dip###### dirty up my levels with ugly/colorful/tacky/unfitting ads.
  8. Are you talking about the ads in the levels/achitecture? Billboards and various other ads don't bother me - provided they fit the atmosphere of the game/level. Hell, they might have even done that in 2142. But I'm really worried about the spyware being more malisious than productive (spelling?)
  9. Rocky, that's where I stand on the whole deal. As long as it's not effecting/searching anything on my computer, I'm not bothered. Granted, I do agree that: 1) Paying full price (re: $50) for a game that has said ads to make the (maker/distro) money, then it should be a huge new exciting game. 2) All 2142 is, really, is a heavy total conversion of what we already have (re: uses a slightly modded BF2 engine) 3) If EA wasn't such ###### in the first place (re: I've had issues with them before)
  10. http://www.tribalwar.com/forums/showthread...44#post10641844 Read post #28 IDK if he's a smurf or not, but headsup Also: http://planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/fullstory.php?id=106681
  11. Wow, I was expecting something differnt. The only reason I would want AC off, is because I belive the AC is still causing alot of drops that arn't needed - not because I want to use some mod.
  12. Not I, makes it more of a challenge. I would hate to be able to play through the SP missions with respawns.
  13. I'd like to see a better control for the squads, something moreso similar to BF2 (Where you can lock squads, and manage who is in the squad)
  14. ZJJ hit it on the mark - this site seems more driven to the PC side of things.
  15. Sheesh, if people are going to be selling this game like this - let me know. I've got a couple of friends who could use a copy. :\
  16. This is what I am worried about. Why`s that ? Exactly what are you worried about ? Wouldn't want to start a dedi server on my fiancee's computer, with my GRAW install/key, and then attempt to play on it without issues. Don't see why it should be questioned.
  17. I agree to disagree, Zett. I don't think TWL is really at fault, but I do think that the round number should be shortened (I think it already has been? from 7 to 5) due to the way people tend to get dropped (typically between rounds).
  18. The two loadouts I typically use the most: Primary: -SCAR-H: Silencer, Grenade Launcher -No Secondary -Hand Grenades Secondary: -SCAR-L: No Attachment -No Secondary -Hand Grenades And then I made two other loadouts, which I typically just dick with: Sniper: -Sniper Rifle -M8 Compact -Hand Grenades (I think) Machine Gun: -LMG -Hade Grenades (sometimes smoke) I typically stick with the SCAR-H, but I'll switch to the SCAR-L on maps like Strongpoint. I hate having the combat sight because it reduces my normal field of view (re: obstructs my view) and the zoom isn't important enough to me that I want to reduce my view that much. The silencer I use only ont he SCAR-H because I don't like the pea-shooter effect it has when on the SCAR-L. While with the SCAR-H it's typically 2-3 bullets for a kill reguardless of where you hit them (not including head, of course). The grenade launcher I only carry with the SCAR-H because I like the ability to send a bundle of love to someone from a distance - 'specially if I know they are behind a particular piece of cover. Hand grenades, for me, are a must. I've had as many as 8 kills on one grenade before. Ontop of that, I like the control I have over a hand-thrown grenade (re: bouncing it around corners), particularlly when there is someone around a corner I would much rather not peek around.
  19. Yeah, caught your message Agent. We can do IRC or mail. I'll try with IRC since I saw that you saw that I was on there this morning.
  20. We ended up playing till well past 1am. I've got 4 hours of sleep now (my own fault for staying, of course) But that doesn't mean it should take 5 *curses* hours for a match!
  21. I'm posting this out of a bit of frustration. But I'll keep it clean, short, and to the point. Clone and ACTF had a match this evening (Sunday) at 9:30pm EST. We started alittle late - I belive that was because of players not showing up. All fine and well, lets call it a 9:45 start. The rules of the ladder are as follows: Team Deathmatch No Respawns No Tac Points 15 Minute Rounds 8 Players per side Best of 7 We've played 3 maps sofar - match is still currently in progress - yet are we ever going to finish it? 30 minutes per map, roughly? I would understand, if people were going to the restroom, or real life issues were popping up (phone, doors, kids, whathaveyou) that needed to be taken care of RIGHT THEN, but that's not what caused each map to be so long. I should note that, typically, when everyone was on the server, we got started within 2 minutes. But getting everyone ONTO the server is the problem. In the middle of switching maps, I got dropped. I now can not rejoin the server - it wont let me in. It gets stuck on "waiting for server". We waited for 5 minutes for that message to pass by without effect. Worst part about it, there is nothing that tells me if there is an error, or showing me what is hanging. I am not the only one that had this issue - this happened to two of their members and another one of ours. Is this a common error? Frankly, this is killing the desire I had to play this game in a competitive format. No reason should it take nearly 2 hours to play 3 maps that are supposed to be 15 minutes a piece. *sigh* I'm just frusterated.
  22. Nothing more needs to be said. *wave* GL later on, or something.
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