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  1. check this out... http://pcgames.gwn.com/news/story.php/id/1...reen_Light.html [Merged with the existing thread on this]
  2. Actually, the custom levels of "mhm" I put together did not conflict or crash with Biro's Castle Map as the structure I used REQUIRED the existence of Biro's map. It depended on Biro's textures, etc. This could have easily been done by other authors to avoid the crashes/conflicts. Still, the "Autodownload" wouldn't have any affect on such if all custom level bundles used unique names all would be well. hello? anyone paying attention here? GRAW1 had it! it worked fine. by the way, for those that missed out on it, GRAW1 and 2 are the same game with minor differences. it had to be restar
  3. wasn't there a map called London being tested? whatever happened to that... the new weapons are appreciated, but no changes in class assortment is kind of a downer... no RIZ is quite disappointing as well. if ubi hasn't allowed any new new maps to be included, they might have something else up their sleeve, hopefully... i mean, they definitely had time to create new maps, and the shotguns shouldn't have been that hard to add either, so maybe, just maybe, this is an attempt to set things straight as far as GRAW2 value goes. if people can assure their friends that the game has been "repair
  4. Because Blackfoot isn't out nor will be for like a year? TH33f... Shhh... They are susposed to forget i was betting on a wed release. 1-800-GAMBLER!
  5. It also kills any thought of a future expansion pack. Hmm.... I wonder. Let's put the thinking hat on for a moment. Giving the game away is like giving the razor away... if they can use the "freebie" deal to build the base of players, it gives them a bigger customer base to buy an expansion pack (thus buy the razor blades). Could there be a positive somewhere in this recent decision, or are we just like usual.... blinded to reality by our desire to have a better product? -John K. way to stay positive, but i think you got that hat on backwards... for starters, it's not free, no
  6. to give you a guesstimate, i'd say less than 0.01% of the total number of members here. or you could say about as many as there are playing [GR] right this moment(7 years after release).
  7. remember there was a graphics update for OFP? dynamic lighting and higher res textures. that's all we needed for GR.
  8. it's a bit more specific, i guess. still, no real details. you could've basically fit the whole thing into two choices: [GR] or GRAW/2. and it's Diminished.
  9. to quote more than half of the posts in here: the games are different, doesn't feel like the original, not the same core gameplay, followed by a multitude of minor complaints, with nothing concrete being a deal-breaker. i'm sure all of you tried the castle map, recreated by Byro to the smallest detail. what's off? can you name it? one thing that isn't there, that will make things "feel" like GR? i hope some of you will actually try to answer that question. try starting with the basics of an online first person game, and you'll realize how early into AW development the GR franchise was doome
  10. reinstalled it, been playing 3 nights straight non-stop. AEG's server gets full(34 players) every night! other than some minor lag issues and 12 polygon rifle models, [GR] still is THE game.
  11. nice effort there, Colin. i was about three quarters through it, but then decided not to complete it. no offense, but here's an analogy... your questions sound like vehicle options at a dealer's lot. cloth seats, leather seats, or leather seats with heat? you know what i mean? a little too obvious. pretty much every question contains one choice that is superior to all others. it's like choosing a pair of boots over just one boot. not to mention that the choices descriptions are vague at best. if i were to create a poll like that, i would probably provide examples next to each choice. som
  12. i kinda meant adversarial MP, but i guess i could do some co-op for old times sake. now, is the ASE still up and running with a few GR servers on it?
  13. prior to the GRAW/GRAW2 releases whenever someone mentioned GR/[GR], the next word was almost positively "dead". so now that we've seen the future(and didn't find it too bright) what's left of the original? ladders? clans? would getting a team back together be completely absurd and childish? i guess the real question is whether there are enough people playing to at least have some fun on public servers. reinstalling tonight, so a "heads up" is appreciated.
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