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  1. Date of Match: Nov 27, 2007 Team 1 Name: AFZ Team 2 Name: CLONE Final Score: 3/0 Winning Team: AFZ Server Played On: SCE Tourney Server Good games
  2. Congratiolations AFZ - you guys deserve the #1 spot
  3. According to what I see in the current vote results; I say making GR:AW 3 would be a waste of time and money. To be really honest, I wonder if Ubi/Grin made any money on the PC version of GR:AW 2 -> I doubt it tbh
  4. Monday 26th November @ 10PM EST is good for CLONE; If this date isn't good, I think CLONE should be good no matter what day in the upcoming week (w/ 24h notice in advance offcourse) Awaiting confirmation by AFZ
  5. I think Monday is better suited for CLONE - I'll get back asap
  6. Thanks for the compliment... I guess Dunno If palanoid will be playing, haven't seen him in a couple of days - as you know he's from HongKong, he's got university classes atm, but I'll try to get him on-
  7. Would be awesome to play multiple maps in the finals do hehe j/k PS: What sup w/ the HH tourney? Only 4 sign-ups; I think CLONE will not participate in the tourney if there will only be 4 teams playing We'd rather start concentrating on COD4 if so lil teams show interest in the rest of the GR:AW 2 Tourney (HH/SIEGE/RVSA)
  8. Oh no TDM_Timber (I so hate this map lol - worst one in this game but o well ) Will await AFZ's schedule
  9. Bah we made som simple misstakes we normaly dont do, guess we partialy can blame that on CoD4 ^^ Anyway was fun, let's do it again. Hehe tried to bunnyhop? Larsa did ^^ Yea hehe, he sure did
  10. Date of Match: 18th November Team 1 Name: CLONE Team 2 Name: vU Final Score: 3.5 / 0.5 Winning Team: CLONE Server Played On: SCE Tourney Server Thought I'd go ahead and make the post since vU will probably be in bed by this time (forum was closed untill now hehe )
  11. Roger wilco - Good luck & Have fun vU
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