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Well, regardless of any minor performance differences you may get on an AGP 4x motherboard (and by differences, I don't necessarily mean slower), at least it's been reasonably clearly established that the vid card you have selected will be powerful, priced comfortably for you, and will most certainly compatible.

Don't fret too much about AGP slot speeds and other minutae at this point... it won't change much, and may in fact just cause more unnecessary confusion at this point.

Go forth, and shop! :santa:

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Recon,Jul 28 2003, 16:26 ]
Pop the side panel off and find any writing on the mobo.

Were you meaning while the computer is on? Wow that would be dangerous :o!

My side is always off to keep the CPU and video card temps lower. But, turn it off if your more comfortable.

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OK, I think I'm happy with this card now. I might as well tell you all the reason for getting a new card is to be able to run this great looking game. The System Specs for it are as follows:


Pentium III 800/AMD Athlon 600 or better

256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)

3D video card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) w/32MB RAM (128MB recommended)

Sound Card (Direct 8.1 compatible)

DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on disc)

4X CD-ROM or better (Not recommended for use with CD-RWs)

Internet connection (56 kbps or better) or LAN for multiplayer

Hard Drive Space 1.1 GB

Everything now seems OK for it, well, at least it will be when I get this card ;).

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No matter what you buy, you will probably be second guessing yourself afterwards, thinking "I wonder if I sould've got that card, or this card", best bet is to find one for your needs and enjoy.

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The 8x cards will definitely work on either a 2x, 4x, or 8x bus. AGP 8x is fully backward compatible and supports all currently available bus speeds.

My personal choice would be to go with the Ti 4600. It's proven, it's stable, and it's one hell of a performer.

If you go with the 5600, the 128 has more features, but less memory.

If you dont care about TV in, TV out, and those extras, if it is just a gaming, all purpose computer, get the 256. If you want to work with recording movies and stuff, you are going to be relegated to the 128.

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I was thinking about the Ti4600 but can't really find anywhere that sells it in the UK (internet). I usually use Kelkoo but searching doesn't bring up any results. Also, Dabs doesn't seem to sell it either. Is it discontinued or something?

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On the topic of companies that use the Nvidia chipsets, I have a Chaintech Geforce 3 Ti200 that I bought over a year and a half ago. I replaced the stock fan on it, and I have been running it overclocked ever since. I have no problem running today's games on it at all. I usually buy the second tier flagship when I get a new video card, the flagships aren't worth the $ charged for them IMHO (witnessed by the fact that my last two cards have been second tier and have played every game I've come across during their usage).

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