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  1. Looks great, nice job. I guess it's about time to accept that green is no longer the colour of GR!
  2. Yeh, Alt+Tab does work when running GR in a window. As Hammer said, it must just be a Win7 problem switching between the different full-screen resolutions.
  3. I thought the same thing. Anyway, I'm glad that it's not just me with the problem. I doubt MS will release a fix just for GR but they might fix it if it affects other old games too.
  4. I've just installed GR onto a clean installation of Windows 7 and am having a problem with Alt+Tabbing. It works fine when playing an actual game, but when I Alt+Tab while using the menu or looking at the after-action screen, I can get back to Windows but I just get a black screen when I try to go back to GR. Even if I try a few times I can never get back to GR. Anyone else have GR on Windows 7?
  5. I found a bug that made the mission unplayable on recruit difficulty. It's fixed in v1.3 so everything should work properly now. Thanks to Rocky for updating the download page.
  6. Great job, I might just have to start playing GR again! The best compilation mod I've seen.
  7. Wow, I remember being impressed with the original FarCry map editor video, but that is amazing.
  8. The patch added to the British Infantry Mod download page because of this thread is only patch 1.1 -- not 1.2. Does anyone have the newer patch?
  9. Hehe, you'll probably beat me easily next time. I'm in Malaysia for 9 months with only a bottom-of-the-range Dell laptop -- so no games for me (it even struggles with [GR] )!
  10. I'm afraid I won't be able to play for a few months now, going back to uni tomorrow (uni internet doesn't allow games) and I'm busy tonight.
  11. My CoH name is Recom and my xfire is nicespoon, but i don't use xfire that much. I'll go on if we arrange a game, though.
  12. Done. Who plays as allied/axis? I've only played as axis once, so I'd prefer to play on the allied side if possible. And I don't think I've played on any of those maps, so any is good for me.
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