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  1. Roco basically said it. None of those cards are worth your time or money. On the ATi side, I wouldn't go for anything lower than an X1800XT (~$250 and up). As for nVidia, 7800/7900GT (~$280 and up). If you wanna play you gotta pay.
  2. I'm think that's pretty much what I got I got first person weapon view, a new engine and expanded realism. The setting is far more urban than GR1, but I can live with that. Once the MP side of things is fixed up, and mod tools are available this game will be even better. Hmm no it doenst feel or look like Ghost Recon, it has that console feeling over it. As for the "expanded realism", I only have to say three things.. no injury effect (no gimp or worser aim), no "oneshot, one kill" (you can take three hits! even one in the face whit out dying) and no blood at all (only a little sp
  3. Now you just have to fix your sig.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! It's reminding me of Opera.
  5. With low power you wont see "hangs" in games... rather the entire game crashing or your system rebooting. One thing that catches my eye: Why/how are you using DDR2 memory with an AMD CPU... it just doesn't work. Also, the motherboard doesnt support it.
  6. It took me almost two days to beat that mission... and I'm playing on the "Normal" difficulty this first time around. So no, you are not alone
  7. All the things you mention are great. One of the best things about the game is the feeling. It's border line scarey... intense is probably a better word. Reminds me of FEAR in a way.
  8. I'm ending mission three (I think) and am still loving the game. I work part time at a grocery store while going to college, and a lot of the people here remind me of those kids that dont get the toy they want. Grow up.
  9. Both should be same price at around $50. I bought mine from GameStop earlier today. They were still sealed in the shipping boxes.
  10. I don't post much any more (in fact zero posts in months) but I'd just like to shoot GRIN a big thanks. The characters, models, textures, sounds, features, animations, you name it, it just is great. I've just completed the first mission and it was a blast. I only have two beefs. First is no anti-aliasing. Not a big issue, but support for it would be really nice. Second is I skipped on math class so I could play the game. I hope you can go take a vacation and tip few. You guys and gals should be proud. This is the best game I've played in a long time. I played Ghost Recon for fo
  11. Wow, quite sad. He, like almost all the others, was a good entertainer. Truely is sad. I haven't watched wrestling in awhile, but it looks as if I'll have to watch Smackdown! Thursday.
  12. Hi gang. I'm looking for a reliable source to store files. Images, small movie clips, you name it. I'd like to spend <$20 a month. Anything come to mind? To clarify, I wont be making a website... just need a place to store stuff.
  13. Crimson

    Hunting Games

    I remember playing Deer Hunter 3 for hours, then DH4. Good memories. Very relaxing compared to Delta Force 2 and LW at the time.
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