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  1. Pff, that would make it no longer classic. Away with your defilement! Defilement? Isn't that what happened when Fileplanet deleted all our mods? I believe that was insanity with a dash of ######. Wow, picky filter, so not used to posting here...
  2. Pff, that would make it no longer classic. Away with your defilement!
  3. Sometimes in RS/UO when a team I wasn't controlling was holding or waiting for a go code they would just die somehow (maybe my planning sucked), that "OH CRAP!" effect didn't really exist in RvS. It was like that too in MP to an extent, RvS MP was so predictable. The only real challenges were self imposed, like everyone deciding to go pistols only or something. Also weapon implementation was horrible, theres obviously a reason everyone always used the L85 or G36K. I've seen someone take 283 shots from a P90 to center mass before dying (it was like 76 or something before being wounded). Another thing I hate which is not really RvS specific is being able to run while zoomed in. How realistic is that? Some MP specific points (survival mostly): RvS was so devoid of tactics, it was always just who had a faster mouse or was luckier. There was zero stealth. Map and spawn point design were so bad, you either went one way or the other and might encounter the other team, if you didn't then you would go to the other direction and open fire cause they will be there.
  4. And I just got one from jointopscentral.com.
  5. More complicated acutally equals more powerful. But you'll get used to the style after a little bit of time. And you don't want to learn non Visual C++, its just a damn console, its so boring.
  6. Super-Bob


    Its entirely possible that 271 people that are not registered on the forums followed a link from the front page (possibly a news post) or from another site. We have tons of visitors that read the news and our reports yet don't even look at the forums unless told to.
  7. I really like the background monitor and running process tool.
  8. I don't have horns and don't plan on getting any.
  9. The reason for that is everyday at a certain time an automatic cleanup is done to sync that number with the actual number of posts existing in the database.
  10. Yes, your post that im quoting is actually post #252788.
  11. Probably the home page, it gets downloaded every time you go there, and you can't get anywhere without going through there your first time.
  12. You think I'm kidding? I was the second admin, right behind Rocky, way back in the day. I helped create the mind control implants that he put into the current crop of admins. Why do you think I've been gone for a year? I had to go into hiding, out of fear. He turned on me, like all dictators do on subordinates who get too much power or know too much. ← That scar is just from a car accident!
  13. And this was in the PC version when you last played it?
  14. Not really so true. I learned VB then C++. Your way is kinda like walking, running with one foot, then running with 2.
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