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  1. Never hated GRIN and never hated GR:AW...in fact GRIN is the shinning light that made me decide to buy it on release. It has had its bumps and still has work in regards to MP, but GRIN has stuck with it and it is starting to show, THANKS GRIN!!! P.S. Good to see you around again Bo!
  2. Why? Because I would have to believe that IF they actually contracted with UBI to do another PC version, they would have learned from their mistakes the first time around. The number one issue would be establishing a realistic time-frame for development in order to get it right on release, rather than playing catch-up on MP as they are now. As to the 'Multiplayer Pack 2' details, FINALLY TDM!!!! And even a couple new maps for it. VERY GOOD! THANKS GRIN!!! HOWEVER, I just can't believe that they left out admin tools for the current 'Dedicated Server' functionality!?!?!? This is something that we have been yelling for since release. Several patches have gone by now without this. Are they just going to ignore this forever? Are they going to include remote admin and admin tools with the forthcoming SADS files? As for SADS files, yes, we know they are supposedly coming, as was pointed out by a link to a post that was made by GRIN over a month ago, saying there would be no Unix version. However, WHEN? These and the admin tools are MUCH MORE important to the viability of the Multiplayer game than ANYTHING put into the patches thus far (Other than a viable AC system).
  3. I think the 'Kill-Cam' is the same thing you see in the 360 version, no? That is cool and all, but what I think most people would RATHER have is the 'Death-Cam' where you can observe your teammates while dead. My bad...it is a Death-Cam that is being implemented!!! http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...st&p=401656 As for HH and TDM....!!!
  4. I don't know how all the other clans and groups are doing, but my group just decided to play Guild Wars, so it looks like they are done waiting for GR:AW to get finished I, personally, still have hopes, but I won't be playing it with my regular group of online friends. Keep in mind, this is a group of people that played the R6 and GR games for years together, as well as other MMO's. We all wanted a good tac shooter to compete in, but they decided they didn't find that in GR:AW.
  5. Sooner rather than later I tend to think. The PS3 is looking outragoulsy (sp) expensive, and the 360 is still extremely short on AAA titles. I have a 360 here, and a PC, and when I by a game, it's the PC version I'm buying, time and time again. I think that wraps up my opinion on next gen consoles. Right now, it's still PC all the way. And I forgot to add, it's not just the initial outlay with consoles, there's a pretty hefty surcharge in peripherals required post purchase. Not to mention the games are more expensive as well...at least here in the U.S.
  6. MP makes a game for me and everyone I play these games with. If SP made the game on its own, then the game is fine as is. This is one of the few shooters I actually finished the SP mode in and I enjoyed most of it. Of course I probably finished it because MP is incomplete and I didn't have much choice. In other words, it might not make a game for you, but eveyone I know plays shooters primarily for MP. And while you can call me a 'fan' of GR:AW, I have spread the word to the people I play shooters with, the word being it isn't complete yet, but I have hope it will be soon.
  7. Good question...as far as I can see, it will be difficult to even field a team of 7. I am currently the ONLY person in my group that can even run it well, much less want to.
  8. You joking right? OK, not that I'm in the know of what the GRiN guys are really up to over there, but I read a little here and there. And I get how it makes sense. In one hand, you have the time and resources to fix some identified bugs and glitches, like the distance-view bug. In the other hand, you have the time and resources to write, test, debug, and distribute a NEW server-side game recorder. WHICH do you think they're gonna do if they can't accomplish BOTH at once? Fix the product or add more potentially glitchy stuff to a glitchy product? C'mon, guys, Quality Control/Assurance was a big hit in the 80's and has been ever since. First priority, get the product RIGHT. I'm sure we can bug those guys about recorders later, once most fo the debugging is finished and the game's hardware audience has been expanded as far as it can. Further, I'd be TRULY disappointed if I found that was a project in the works while our TvT goes on the backburner. Wouldn't you? Good points...It is sad that UBI put them in this position. They should have given GRIN more time. The fact that GRIN is now playing catch up to finish the MP side of things means we will probably not see some of these 'extra' features that should have been included in a completed game. It is painfully obvious by now that MP was an afterthought...at least in relation to the features that we expected, especially in comparison to other MP games, both from other studios as well as past Tom Clancy games. While I believe replays are important for ladder competition, I think there is more important features needed first to put MP into a completed status, such as Admin Options, TDM, Dedicated Servers, a decent Anti-Cheat solution, etc., etc.
  9. Most shooters are not expanded on in regards to SP for free. In other words, you don't usually get more SP content in a shooter until an expansion is released and you pay for it. As for the emphasis on MP...you are seeing this in regards to patches because the game was released with an incomplete MP mode. Also, the longevity of a shooter game (which helps with expansion sales, etc.) is usually extended by robust MP community. Meaning that MP keeps people playing the game long enough to develop and sell more expansions or new versions of said shooter game.
  10. bla bla bla ... whatever... ROFL...you are the one that asked for my opinion...all I did was give it to you. And yes, I have the guts to say that. To this day you can find more GR1 or RvS servers up and running at any given time than you can for GR:AW, a brand new game supposedly in the tradition of 'Tom Clancy', so there are STILL many who believe the same way I do. I thought I made it clear that I thought they could be improved, which is what I expected from GR:AW, something improved over RvS or GR1, but something at least as good as those...we didn't get that, at least not in the form of MP. Whatever...
  11. I expected it to have AT LEAST as good an MP game as GR1 and RvS had in the end. My thoughts were that they used the names 'Ghost Recon' and 'Tom Clancy' for this game, so they should at least have what worked for GR1 and RvS games, with improvements and additions, of course. This is all I expect from a new addition to a Tom Clancy legacy. In other words, why fix it if it isn't broke? Instead we got a kick ass SP mode and a VERY incomplete MP mode with 'Domination'. I'm all for innovation and trying something new, as long as it doesn't trump what we are used to and expect from the Tom Clancy legacy. Domination should have been an addition, not the main focus for MP.
  12. Wow...didn't realize there were that many for sale on ebay. Not good
  13. I agree...going with GameSpy was not a good idea. It seems to me they probably went this route to save time. We were posting for A LONG time before the game came out that we wanted direct IP support. You are correct...I know of at least 5 people I usually game with that can't play the game due to system requirements. I personally lucked out and had to buy a new system due to a Motherboard malfunction, so I got one for Christmas. I wouldn't be playing this game either, otherwise.
  14. Well stated and I have to say that I agree 100%. So much so, that I too am going to pretty much make up my mind with the next 'July' patch. I think that we need to see two of three things, at the very least, in the next patch: A true TDM mode with new maps to support it. At least the most popular and most needed admin settings/tools to help run the current 'dedicated' servers. True Dedicated Server Files and robust admin settings/tools to go with it.
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