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  1. I hope your wrong but that does tend to be standard nowadays...
  2. Well, I made a gameranger account and if anyone is up for some team deathmatch, my name on there is Warlord and I'll be happy to kick some ass! If anyone hosts or can host a dedicated server that would be even more awesome (I personally can't unfortunately)
  3. So here we are, it's almost 2012 and well over 10 years since the original Ghost Recon was released and I for one am still playing it. Currently I am only playing the single player as I have no-one to play with but I would like to get into some multiplayer action so if there are any players still out there, let me know! Oh and answer the poll anyway lol.
  4. Back in the days of OGR here's something that I used to do quite a bit: It would be in the middle of the night and my girlfriend would try to get up to go to the bathroom I would push her back down because, according to my gf, I would tell her in my sleep she didn't need to go there as I had already placed a sensor there.
  5. You'd think with this many shout-outs here alone leading up to a release they'd wise up and give us what we actually want... I mean, what everyone is posting is freaking hard not to understand...
  6. Who cares about etherical questions like "what is OGR"? No-one. Simple 6 step program of what needs to be done: 1. Take Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder. 2. Update the graphics. 3. Fix all the glitches and bugs. 4. Add a decent game lobby system (###### NOT GAMESPY!) (4.5 Optional: Add an easier to use map editor) 5. Merge them into a single install. 6. Slap it on a single DVD. That is really it people. Sure other things could be added but that's really just gravy.
  7. I don't think invisibility has any business in a serious military style FPS.
  8. A week or two ago, I bought Homefront for PS3... and god, what a mistake that was... all the same old mistakes every developer seems to make nowadays and with the added bonus of a few new ones and absolutely no support... Even the freakin auto-save doesn't work properly... Epic fail @ THQ...
  9. Oh god no, I've got HF for PS3 and my god is it a fail in it's current state... the singleplayer is boring and short and totally worthless... the multiplayer is all right but it has a lot of weird glitches in it. Even though I bought it with a pretty good discount I still feel sorta ripped off.
  10. You know, I also like a lot of customization in my games and I thought it would perhaps be cool if you could do your own color scheme for the camouflage. Would be kinda cool to have as a unique identifier for your clan if you could then proceed to share it. Just a thought ;-)
  11. Yes, balancing is very neccesary for a game to become popular. When you can choose the side with tanks, choppers and machineguns no-one is going to play the side with a stcik, a pebble and a lottery scratcher ;-)
  12. I really hope devs will take notice of this thread! I see a lot of great comments in here that are useful for them so keep it up people! Keep adding to this thread when you see stuff you do want to see or stuff you want left out! Surely we can create a framework for devs to create an awesome game!
  13. Unlike PC, you wouldn't notice much of it on the PS3. I personally think they are more likely to incorperate a system like EA has where you have to enter a code to get online play. DRM is not Sony's style, if you ask me.
  14. Hey sorry I haven't been on in a while, I will read the new post as soon as I get a break from work. Things are extremely hectic around here, all sorts of projects popping up all over the place and for some reason beyond me they are all my responsibility :S Right now, when I get home I just need to shoot some digital ###### ;-)
  15. Well, Kirsten runs to Sarah when the terrorist group is so then how did Kirsten see the dying man if they were surrounded by rubble or in fact how did she see Sarah, as a trainee nurse surely she would've been trying to help him and therefore have would've been kneeling down? Not that much of a biggy, as she could've simply ran in the direction of the screams (which gives another problem, namely that of running into a trap or running towards a dying civilian which would be a weird risk to take) but I have to mention it. Well, it occured to me that perhaps you had written this story in a way where you are Kirsten, which could explain these seemingly weird events. Kinda like Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (real name of Lewis Caroll) is the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (AKA Alice In Wonderland). It explains why there why Alice is required to have an adventure even though the godlike abilities of the Chesire Cat could solve all the problem in Alice in Wonderland in a jiffy which does cause a couple of really big plotholes. Reading the section concerning Sarah, it occured to me that this could be the case here as the situations are, in my honest opinion, very improbable. It causes, in this case, some minor plotholes that only let themselves be explained really if the writer is Kirsten. But that only goes up to a point, because Kirsten now seems like she is invincible in the story. Wether that is due to some luck or godlike abilities (like shooting down falling bombs ) and in that respect, well off yourself (as you are Kirsten) might be a bit much, but Kirsten showing flaws and having to take responsibility for her shortcomings would be more interesting to read. Now, I'll happily admit that this idea (of you being Kirsten) was sort of a thought experiment on my side, but it seems to work.
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