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  1. That makes sense. I'm used to being able to see almost 160 degrees in armed assault thats why it felt strange i guess. Does anyone know if they changed the required ports for conencting to gamespy? I know demo comes with a tool that configs firewall, what does it actually do to it?
  2. I don't known if this is normal or not but I feel like my regular view is zoomed in too much. I feel like i'm blind on my left and right sides even though i'm using widescreen. Is there a way to zoom out the regular view so i can get a wider view of whats in front of me? By the way GAYSPY WORKED!!! The first time! Did they change the connection ports by any chance? I could never get GRAW 1 to connect but GRAW 2 demo worked!... might be buying after all
  3. Is it? This the impression i'm getting please correct me if i'm wrong Looks they went from yellow filter to green this time Same "tight" urban environments. Is there trackir support? Will MP die within weeks due to gamespy no letting 3/4 of people join up. I've lost faith. I like vast terrain not a depressing bombed out town in Mexico.
  4. GRAW and GRAW 2 seem to go along with the trend that UBI has been following with the high tech weaponry and technology games. I welcome some of it but what some people loved about the first GR, the extra long draw distances for example has been lost and replaced by close quarter’s type of thing. I don't know if some of you remember joint-ops. It looked really promising but it ended up falling short. GRAW on the 360 has become popular due to its instant action style of gameplay which kids loved whereas GRAW didn’t get as many people as it should have. I think the crosscom and all the new gadgets take away from the old style GR which has driven some adult gamers away from it. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of population is being targeted with graw for the pc but it sure isn't men 40+. As of now I’m confused about how to feel towards UBI over the fact that I built a machine just because I wanted to play graw. Redstorm did a good job until it got sucked it by UBI and UBI changed as well. These companies became mainstream and butchered their ideals in order to make more money. Anyway, I looked at armed assault by bohemia which from what i read is a small Czech developer just like Redstorm was back in the day. These guys made a game that they would want to play not that would be a quick buck like the countless video games that get released at the same time as a movie does such as Hulk or Fantastic 4. I'm curious to know what you guys think about it. Are there any aspects of it that you would like to see in graw? Heres some media. http://media.pc.ign.com/media/748/748793/vids_1.html I've been a GR fan for 4 years. I'm not trying to start a flamewar
  5. Please say no. Gamespy doesn't allow college students to play online due to ports needed therefore a lot of market share is lost in a key demographic.
  6. Hey I stopped playing graw because I couldn't get it to connect to Gamespy. I live on a college campus and some of the ports that gamespy uses are closed. I have medieval 2 total war which also uses gamespy and I havent been able to connect to it either. Was this issue ever fixed, tunneling or anythign like that? I have no problems playing Lock On through hyperlobby or FEAR. Lastly, will graw 2 also connect through gamespy? thanks
  7. thanks, i just sold this lame as$ piece of ###### on ebay. waste of money. see ya MODERATOR EDIT: Do not bypass the swear filter.
  8. Or can we connext to stand alone servers directly?
  9. i wish you had told me this months ago before buying the game.
  10. this alone was the reason i uninstalled graw. cant play it online
  11. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?s...o=&saprchi= about 13 bucks for it. Once again, no dedis, no longevity. I feel like a fool for paying full price for the game and spending 2000 bukcs building a system to run the game smoothly and the game has been uninstalled for almost a month now after finishing sp. I blame UBI not GRIN UBI has srewed over many developers who had the best ideas for their games. Lock On MAC is a great example of what UBI is capable of doing. my new joy http://www.lockon.ru
  12. I want to play MPbut without direct ip connection I cant play. Thanks UBI for wasting my money.I uninstalled the game a month ago now since there hasnt been a fix for this.
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