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  1. Give us the tools we still need, [GR] COOP mode, Dedicated Server & Mission Editing tools and I know of a couple of guys in AlphaSquad who will do just that. Bring FF110 to GRAW, ( or as close of an approximation as the tools they do provide will allow).
  2. That is an excellent point Ski, and seeing as how much you play on the AlphaSquad servers, I think we are in the same category. Realism counts more than Run-N-Gun. I never tried Doom 3 because I knew what type of game it was. But I did buy BF2 & COD2 and went straight back to [GR] after playing. Too much Run-N-Gun. When GRAW came out, I pre-ordered, but have since gone back to [GR], the game was released incomplete. The majority of AlphaSquad who have GRAW, are still playing [GR] 99.9% of the time because the game we want just isn't there in GRAW, YET. I know that all of the 24 clans who participated in the SR2005 tournamant all feel the same way. We are still waiting with baited breath like the majority of everyone here for the August patch that we will likely see in September some time for the [GR] COOP game type and dedicated server tools. Come on in to the AlphaSquad Servers for some [GR] Coop, The way its meant to be played. Regards, Sheldon / AlphaSquad
  3. My final thought on this is, In [GR], a palm frond would stop an AT round. The fact that the trees in GRAW will pass bullets / GL rounds / AT rounds makes me love em to death. Plus, I still think they look fine. Nuff said.
  4. I'm sorry, but I dont see your point. Personally, I think the trees / foiliage in this game are just fine. I dont spend my time spinning around checking out trees, I spend my time hunting tangos, well, I will once we have a complete COOP game. Another 52 cents. Regards, Sheldon
  5. You beat me to it, I was going to say the EXACT SAME THING....... Well worded.
  6. Yes, we are all waiting with baited breath for the Mother of All COOP Fixes as Silent_op has stated. It would be very nice to get some confirmation on whether we will be seeing some significant changes contained in the next patch, (possibly what changes are being planned) and whether that patch will be the August patch. Some info would be most welcome. Regards, Sheldon
  7. Wow, I'm offended after reading it. The name of the site obviously says it all. I would love the see the review they would have posted about [GR] if they had been around then, likely nothing good and its had a pretty nice following now for over 5 years.
  8. I've noticed it, still a valid problem, deserves addressing.
  9. You missed #1 on the list. 1. Dedicated Server / Tools Give us that, everything else will fall into place. However, I did leave out scripting / mission editing tools. So, the list should read like this. 1. Dedicated server / Tools. 2. Real COOP mode, I.E., more player slots / squads. Remove team leader dies game over, remove the leaving mission area you die nonsense. 3. Mission Editor / Scripting tools. Another 52 cents makes it a buck .04 even.
  10. I've set the 1680x1050 resolution for my 20" widescreen from day one in the renderer_settings.xml file. It is a bug, but there is a workaround. Not a deal breaker if you can make it work with this simple edit. Chill a bit.....
  11. If you are coding this sort of "feature" for co-op now, does that mean you have already finished work on the critical stuff that makes co-op interesting for most of us (vote for TL, more than 4 players, no TL death "magic", no "mission area")? As Sheldon already pointed out we (at AlphaSquad) always play w/o respawns, so I do not care much for spawns personally, but I understand their appeal to many. So I would be VERY happy to see something like the [GR] system configurable number of individual or team respawns, elected TL, TL transfers to next lower vote count on death Combine this with up to 16,24,32,... players in co-op the ability to "browse/see" co-op games in progress a mission editor / script compiler / mission scripting reference manual an "observer mode" for watching a game (start the player dead?) remote administration of server settings and we may well have the tools to carry on the GR co-op tradition and start thinking about how we can try to pull off a GR:AW SR2006. Silver Tongue Devil, I'm glad your Alpha..
  12. No, you got your priorities wrong. There are tons of maps being put out each week, why do you want the next patch wasted on that? As far as more weapons, lets let the modders do that. What we need is a completed game. The majority of the fixes in the patches so far have been for adversarial game types. COOP deserves its due. My choices for the August Patch. 1. Dedicated server / Tools. 2. Real COOP mode, I.E., more player slots / squads. Remove team leader dies game over, remove the leaving mission area you die nonsense. My 52 cents.
  13. My guess for the number of 4 is the current COOP mode is just a variation of the single player with AI to get it out the door. Once we get a real COOP mode with dedi server / tools, I'm hoping it will be anywhere from 8-16.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong or misreading, but doesnt this screen shot show 2:26 remaining in the match? If so, you joined a match in progress, not one that had just began.
  15. At AlphaSquad, we never play with spawns. If you die your out and you watch, period. It makes you work together and be more cautious, or you spend a lot of time on the sidelines. We play as a team naturally, making you play as a team by killing you if you stray too far from the leader is BS, no matter what the reasoning. The person in charge may very well want a squad to perform a flanking maneuver from 100 yards away. Not possible in GRAW, he is made to keep his team close. As far as the TL dies, game over, in [GR] we vote a leader at the start of every mission. If he dies, the person with stripes takes over. Mission shouldnt end just because the host dies. All of this is tied to the fact that we dont have a real COOP game / Server tools implemented. What we have is a method of playing cooperatively with other people instead of AI that was wired together as a quick fix to get it out the door. As soon as we get a real COOP mode, dedicated server files, real server tools, expanded squads, this game will have a real COOP game mode.
  16. I played my first GRAW adversarial games ever last night on the AFZ server. Respawn was set to 3. Had a pretty good time too.
  17. I'm not going to vote, I will leave that for the adversarial players to handle. It did make for a nice read though. Thanks.
  18. I'm with you rossiski. I found the whole thing sort of unclear and very lacking in terms of precision -- but it is marketing speak, so I really do not expect much. What I do wish is that UBI would leave sufficient slack in its noose-of-control so that we could get decent technical answers to these questions from teh Grin folks. I have been becoming a bit more concerned that UBI (and maybe Grin) really does not know what co-op tourney play looks like. I'm starting the get a bad feeling in my gut that the promised "[GR] coop mode" will be nothing more than a firefight style of play. If that's what they think coop is, then we are in for a HUGE letdown until they give us some scripting tools and a reference guide so we can start making some proper multiplayer coop missions for this engine and game system. @Sheldon, my guess is that this was not a Q&A, but rather a written bit of marketing fluff presented as an interview to improve its legitimacy. But I have no data and this is just a guess. Yes, I agree about the "marketing fluff" idea, which is why I posed the question about who is asking who what. I didnt see any names to indicate to me where these questions came from and who they were posed to. It frustrates me as a COOP player given no info on what we can expect as it relates to giving us a playable game, even here on the GR.net forums. I havent heard a peep out of GRIN here for some time either. We used to have a saying in the military, we're like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed bull######. Hence my lack of presence on the Clan servers lately. No one is playing any sort of COOP GRAW in AlphaSquad, which has just made not want to play GRAW or [GR]. I'm just plain fed up. It's time to ###### or get off the pot UBI/GRIN.
  19. Actually, COOP is mentioned in the UBI thread, just not very much. A. We have added several playability fixes, notably in the coop mode; we also improved the interface in some cases. For instance the weapon purchase interface in domination has been modified and you will now be able to create custom configurations through XML files. We also included an SLI system which allows an automatic check and update of your drivers. Fans will also be pleased to know that we will introduce a Death Cam, being able to watch through the eyes of your remaining team mates when you are dead and have no respawns left. Last but not least, and this is something fans asked for, we added the possibility to skip intro presentations in coop mode. I would like to know who is asking those questions, and who is answering....... At least one of the questions was totally out in left field...I.E., Q.4. What is your favourite map and why?
  20. And this surprises you? By now you should know the COOP player is like a Red Headed Step Child. Its a red headed step child that was told to wait till august for the Coop fixes. And its August now aint it BOZO.
  21. And this surprises you? By now you should know the COOP player is like a Red Headed Step Child.
  22. I agree totally, we better start getting some COOP love some time soon. No mention of anything for quite awhile now. I could care less about new maps or adversarial enhancements one bit.
  23. My specs are almost identical, and I dont have any issues at 1680x1050, everything as high as it allows and I get good framerates. I dont know how a 7900GT compares with an X1900XT though. But that res shouldnt be an issue with your hardware. Asus A8N SLI Premium AMD X2 4200+ (slight OC to 2475) BFG 7900 GT (stock speed) (single card) Corsair XMS Pro DDR400 Dual channel 2x1GB Viewsonic VX2025WM (20" widescreen) kb, mouse, speakers, yadda, yadda, yadda
  24. Personally, I find the negativity that permeates the boards these days tiring as well. I'm just biding my time waiting for some COOP love to come in via a patch. Play more, you will be left with less time to ######-n-moan.
  25. I have an issue (more of an annoyane really) where about 50% of the time I cant start a game from a desktop shortcut, it wont see the CD (SecuRom issue like Low Profile has). I have to eject / reload the CD and select play from the menu that loads off of the CD. Like I said, nothing big, just an annoyance. Mine is an NEC ND-3550A. Regarding the graphics, this sounds to me like your GPU may be overheating and locking the video up. You dont say what graphics card you have, are you overclocking your graphics, etc. What is your GPU temp? Ensure you have good airflow in your case. You can install Rivatuner and it has a screen that will keep about 10 minutes of GPU temp info in a graph form while in 3d mode. Pretty handy to see if your GPU is getting too hot during game play.
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