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  1. I hear you and agree totally Lightspeed. The immersion & tension invoked by Ghost Recon isnt a learned response at all, it is there (for those of us who've actually played the game) that is. Some people like reading their own words so much, it really doesnt matter what you say. They are going to disagree just so they can read some more of their own drivel. Spend a couple of thousand hours playing Ghost Recon like we have, then come and give an opinion.
  2. Totally agree, dont have it, dont want it. The only Alpha person I know who does have it is saying himself to stay away. If GRIN had respected the COOP player from the beginning, they would have many more people on board instead of alienating that segment of the community.
  3. My feelings exactly. So far, the COOP community faithful have been left in the DUST....... Fix what was so evidently promised but lacking in GRAW, and there may be some kudos coming.
  4. Yes, there are both -R & +R Dual Layer formats. My best luck has been with Verbatim +R D/L media, as in: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817130008 Best of luck.
  5. That demo was the buggiest thing I've ever gotten my hands on. I hope the full game works better (and I guess it does as your playing it). I didnt think the demo was that bad, not near as bad as GRAW full version (bug wise) to tell you the truth, but the full game, on version 1.05 is much improved over the demo in every aspect. Plus, there is a bonus. You have this huge map, and your not killed from someone watching your every move if you walk 1 block out of a set path they want you to stay in. Yes, its TRUE. You can approach an objective from any direction you choose. WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT..........................
  6. I lost interest shortly after I bought GRAW and received it to find it was so much less than what was promised. I've since went back to [GR] and am now playing ARMA as well. I have no interest in GRAW2, and as we got so much less in GRAW than what they promised, and we've literally been given no info on GRAW2, I am anticipating even less in the sequel. ARMA is enough to keep me and those I play with interested for years to come.
  7. Well, they arent all loving it, check out all of the complaints about GRAW2 lockups at Xbox.com forums. http://forums.xbox.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=10805443
  8. When it comes to UBI release dates, it's better to NEVER put the cart before the horse.
  9. If I remember correctly GR:AW was delayed a bunch of times as well and people (including myself) kept saying the same thing - "it'll give them time to finish it!" Well, we all know how that turned out. I love GR as much as the next guy, and I hope that this time we're pleasantly surprised. -Slayer Actually that was GR2... delayed many times then canned Actually, GRAW went through quite a delay cycle as well. The original pre-order release date was Nov 2005, then pushed back to Feb 2006, then March 2006, then may 2006............. I see a pattern starting all over again.................
  10. Yeah, just read a few threads about it. Wishful thinking, but then why would I expect us to be treated the same as he consolers(cough cough 360 gamers)? When did we become the red headed step children of gaming? My god man, where have you been?
  11. And that contributes to this thread how? It reafirms the missing elements in GRAW and gives an idea of how missions are just within one area. I would say that thousands of mission based elements have been created for GR1 but none for GRAW. To fill this large hole would be an achievment for one, prolong the games replayability 2, involve far more people to play it 3. I would say that one of Red storms and Ubisoft major achievments over the last 7 years is to see there beloved gr1. Still being played Still being modded Still bringing enjoyment to hundreds of fans. Still being bought from stores. Still being discussed on forums And still the best FPS ever created. I want us to say the same about GRAW in 6 years time, for this to happen Ubisoft need to listen more. You could say that making a one year wonder is where it is at, a grin dev member said here a long while back "I would be than happy to see my game being played still in six months" I strongly disagree. A game that comes then goes after a short period is not a game at all. Any thing that is good, will stand the test of time. Dont sell your self short. AMEN, Best comments I've seen on this for some time.
  12. Actually, GRAW has been off my hard drive for months. I'm saving the space for the US release of ARMA. Unless I hear that GRAW-2 has changed dramatically from GRAW in regard to COOP support, I dont see allocating any space to it.
  13. I dont know of any dedicated servers that dont use mods of some sort. You may find a game on UBI (someone hosting) that is mod-less, but I havent been on there in years, so I cannot say for sure. You could also put up a game yourself there and possibly attract some participants. GR has held its audience (replayability) for so long because of the mods / modding community, so you may be out of luck if your only wanting to play [GR] without mods. Good luck in finding the game you want. Regards, Sheldon / AlphaSquad
  14. It was a very enjoyable time for me, I only played a bit over 4 hours, but it was fun. I especially liked the seige games, as I dont get to play that game type very often. 9MS were great hosts. Thanks, Sheldon
  15. It is still happening every day on Alpha Squad's servers, cause we still play [GR]. I dont have to remember playing [GR] missions, I play them every night. Why would you continue to play a game (GRAW), that you find so dissatisfying? Get over it, move on like the rest of us. Yes, we've been playing some Arma demo as well, a bunch of us cant wait until the US retail release. HUGE map that doesnt tie you to one little itty bitty area and funnel you through a pre-set path. Much more fun to jump in a Humvee and drive around to the north to assualt the enemy if that is your choice.
  16. Amen ! I was on the pre-order list for GRAW but as we all know, GRAW blew chunks for the serious COOP player. That wont happen this time (pre-order) that is. If the demo of GRAW2 proves to be a contendor for replacing [GR], I will buy, but not unless it is the Real Deal. Empty promises for GRAW have hurt the franchise, if it aint in the game from the get go, I wont buy until it is. Get it right the FIRST time. The day/week/month I buy depends on the game. That's my promise. Regards, Sheldon
  17. We at AlphaSquad play [GR] daily, and we have quite a few regulars who play almost daily there as well. We have between 6-16 playing some COOP missions most times. No one I know still plays GRAW, and I doubt I would be laying down any more cash for a game of that name until its been out and there is some community feedback on it. Once bitten twice shy as they say.
  18. Isn't that a bit contradictory? They make the most money based on what market research tells them MOST players want. When is the last time you bought toilet paper embedded with shards of glass? Masochists would love it, why is it not available? Times & tastes change, and that leaves some people behind. Why do you think our parents (& grandparents for the younger crowd) are so Goddamned cranky? (I just know this reply is going to be misinterpreted ) And you've proven his point. Its the short-sighted corporate mentality that goes after the largest dollar amount at the detriment of a games biggest fan base that sinks the ship. Personally, (and I know I'm not alone), I'm back playing [GR] and my GRAW disk is back in the box and sitting with the rest of the bad game purchases I've made over the years. I wont be giving any more of my dollars for the add-on packs that UBI/GRIN are surely planning on releasing for GRAW. I also wont be pre-ordering any other game from either of them as well. They've both shown their mettle by the promises they've made in regard to GRAW that were never delivered.
  19. I downloaded the patch this morning, but I havent been home yet to install it. Really looking forward to seeing the changes based on all of these comments. See you in the trenches over the next couple of days. Regards, Sheldon / AlphaSquad
  20. Everyone at AlphaSquad and those who frequent our server are still playing GR-1 for our COOP fix. Most of the other clans who are primarily COOP based are still on GR-1 or have moved to other games. Once the August patch (which we will likely see in September some time) comes out, we will re-evaluate GRAW as a replacement. It may work or it may not for our CLAN. That all depends on how close that the [GR] COOP mode we've been promised in GRAW is to the Real Thing. That and the Dedicated Server / modding support. Regards, Sheldon / AlphaSquad
  21. When I first saw this I was "OOOOH, Excited" and signed up. But then I re-read it this afternoon and the "spin" kinda ticked me off. They make it sound like they've "given" us something for free with these patches out of the goodness of their heart when they've only fixed bugs and added game modes that should have been there from the beginning. I'm glad to hear the next patch "WILL CONTAIN" an [GR] Coop mode and Admin Tools, BUT. Are the people at UBI so far distanced from reality to believe the game that was released was complete and they've done us a favor with the first 2 patches?
  22. How does one use the Death Cameras in CO-OP? This new function is suppose to be something different than the pressing of numbers 1 through 3, right (view through helmet camera)? By the way, I'm waiting for the Mother of All CO-OP Patches to come out in the form of the next big patch. silent_op WORD on the COOP wish brother.
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