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  1. Hey Guys, No this isn't a complaint that there are no populated servers My version of GRAW2 is fine, but my buddies (whom I play with often) has been having issues for the past 3 days. I've had him do a fresh install to get rid of any mods/edits we've done to the game and he's updated to 1.05. He logs in with GameSpy and he gets absolutely no servers. He doesn't get empties, full, passworded, he's got nothing. I get about 60 servers, that pop up but he gets nothing. Just a big empty space. Has this problem been seen before? It seems quite random. Thanks for any information =)
  2. Excellent post Rocky. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for giving it your best Davros! Another amazing addition from an epic modder.
  4. Another great interview. Thanks to Rocky and Bogie.
  5. Thanks for the interesting interview =) It's nice to see members still putting an effort into this series. Bravo Zulu.
  6. joy. Looks like I need to buy GRAW2 for the XBOX if I want to play Caves. Thanks to GRiN, No Thanks to Ubi.
  7. LOL we don't even get the DLC? And Ubi has been added to my list of failures. I live 30 mins from the UbiSoft HQ in Montreal, time for some spraypaint =)
  8. Yea .50 Cals for everybody. *Sigh* I'd like to see one of these whiney snivelling 14 year olds take a .50 out to the range, stand up with 30-40 pounds of combat gear on and then let out 10 or 12 shots without falling over. I'm 6"1, 240 Pounds and without my Combat gear on I almost threw out my shoulder.
  9. Your GeForce 7- Blah blah blah card is the problem. And 1GB of RAM is rarely enough for todays games.
  10. And consoles take presidence over PC Gamers again.
  11. Gaming isn't declining, it's simply moving toward a younger audience who enjoys action/graphics/explosions over realism and interactivity. You can see this with an easy test. Have an "Uber" Rainbow Six Vegas player play Rogue Spear on Elite. Sit back and laugh. Do the same with GR. Watch them get frustrated because they keep getting shot from an enemy they can't see on their Mini-Map/HUD/GPS/Cross-Com2.0203211 and so on. It's a simple progression that most companies like Ubisoft are taking so they can make more profit. Plus they know all the tactical gamers are going to buy the game anyways. I know 80% of you will buy GRAW3 when it inevitably comes out. 10% will be stubborn for a month or two and then buy it, and the other 10% will Download it and laugh at the other 90%. I've been playing games since Super Mario World came out and online since Rainbow Six came out. There is a simple linear downhill progression and every few months the games get easier and more graphically advanced to play.
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