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  1. yes, congratulations indeed...well done and look forward to the next installment. i hope you had some fun making it...it's a tough learning curve but rewarding.
  2. Rad, you did it you crazy ###### ("...with over 4000 lines of scripting...")! Well done. This mission is a true labour of love and to me is a work of art. Hats off to you. I hope the GR teams take the time to explore and apreciate the subtleties of the mission and the setting. Congratulations and thanks for sticking at it so we can all enjoy your work. You've really eared that beer and I am sure the Mrs. will be glad to have you back again. Enjoy the long weekend.
  3. Sorry about that Rad., you did have writer rights, but with a different email/logon to the one you used this time. I've approved your new request for access...sorry for the delay. I've also granted admin rights to Rocky in case this type of thing happens again. Sorry about the fuss.
  4. This may cover the Health question... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51386 Can not recall how to adjust the enemy soldier AI accuracy....have a play with some values and post back so we know.
  5. Love the pic. Winters...that so needs to go into a new map! All the best to the all the modders and map makers out there. Looking forward to your creations.
  6. Hi, you no longer need (or use) nemon's bundle extractor. It has been replaced by the GRIN one that comes with the game, bundle.exe. See my post (above yours) for a link to the video on the GRAW2 wiki that shows you how. You will also find detailed instructions on the wiki. Re3dmax, sorry, I can not help there. Dav.
  7. Hi Guys, long time no chat Well done on the videos...and great use of the wiki. Excellent to see people keeping it up to date. Keep it up. The minefield blowing up the enemy is a classic. I was hoping someone would do that....I had a vision of the ghosts holding back as a stream of enemy came through a minefield at them...some would make it, most not! Feel free to PM Wolfsong and ask him if he has anything that can help or can mod. the dxe. When I last PM's him ( a few months ago) he thought he had some old tools on a PC somewhere and was going to see what he could share...but I did not hear back from him. I have tried to mod. dxe's with a hex editor and have had only limited success...Be great if you could crack it! Oh, and wrt. Vimeo, I know they have a policy to remove game videos, but I have never had any of my videos removed...I think it's more for the run and gun vid's. - ours are more educational
  8. Hope this comes off I'll vote for good old Multicam (GRAW 1 style)
  9. Great offer....let's hope some of the folks who have been siting back wondering how to do this part take you up on it. thanks for offering to help out. Dav
  10. I have a contrary view, I purchased a number of games through Steam in the last 2 years (as have my LAN buddies) incl. L4D, ARMAII, OFP:DR and all have performed flawlessly.I like the convenience and simplicity - plus it's cheaper for me in Aus.!I did buy a physical copy of GRAW 2 some years back so can not comment about how this partic. game plays in Steam.Dav
  11. LOL, I saw that...Guess we get into a rhythm with all those maps
  12. YEAH BABY! Aimpoint on the MG! I know a team member who is going to be sooooo happy when he plays this! Now I just need to tweak the accuracy and presto..a usable MG in GRAW 2..unheard of! Thanks guys.
  13. Hey Rahn, watch out mate, looks like you have the bug! It all starts very innocently with wondering if you can make a simple change and then and the next thing you know you are one of the infected Great to see your enjoying the madness that is GRAW 2 modding keep up the excellent work. I think a shotgun would make an excellent addition to some of the longer range kits, (snipers and some of the assault rifles). One of my personal favorites has been the 6 shot GL (M32). I have that as kit #1 for the demo guys (plus some extra 40mm grenades). You prob. have read it already, but it's worth trawling through Brettzies posts to see the kinds of issues he encountered with his mods...as there aresome tricky things that happen when you mess with the weapons. Sent you a PM too. Dav
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