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  1. Damn.. should've done more extensive research before buying the game.. had no idea this game was so heavy on graphics.. i mean it looked great and all, but i thought my config was enough.. damn.. thanks anyway guys! BTW, I have a pc, not a notebook.
  2. Nvidia GeForce 7200 is the model. And its the latest drivers. I have a Dual Core system. Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  3. I got GR2 from my friend recently.. and the game is lagging like hell.. if i set all the video settings to the minimum it still lags, not as much as on normal, but it does lag! I don't think there should be a problem with my system.. Dual Core, 1GB Ram, nVidia GeForce 7-series card blah blah.. i got all pass on that system check thingie.. can anyone help me? Please?? I'l give you cookies.. PS: I'm new here, sorry if this topics already created.. EDIT: Damn.. I posted in the wrong section.. serves me right for keeping tons of tabs open..
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