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  1. Okay, my first idea is Resident Evil's STARS team...with the team from RE the movie that got all messed up hehe.... + Alice in STARS gear
  2. ouchies...yeah i got Op Flashpoint for like 3 bucks and Gold Upgrade for like 3 also.... if only there were resistance...lol
  3. Hey all, this is kinda spawned off of another post, but what ideas do you all have for mods you would love for GR2....our dream mods ?
  4. if both were released, i'd go for DVD. I love using DVD's, much easier than CD's for me...but still need CD's released of course hehe...
  5. oh i hate having such a lovely adjective in my name...
  6. thanks, maybe when i save up 20 more bucks for games ill order it from target online
  7. I would've liked to get the GOTY, but these were the only ones I've been able to find anywhere near me, BestBuy/Circuit City/Eb Games...this is all I've found.
  8. Okay, I've gotten Op Flashpoint and the Gold Upgrade, but I can't find Resistance ANYWHERE....
  9. I haven't seen any info on this subject..I'm still waiting to see, myself.
  10. hey babydave, ive got 20 bucks, what u got to chip in to buy em?
  11. Ubi should've gone with Gmax and had their own gamepack for sale or something... And they should've released a stripped down version of a basic engine, that could be "script-modified" for like 20 bucks.... eh, w/e
  12. Ok dudes this is it, let's finally go start our own game dev company.... MTag Entertainment, Inc (Modders of Tactical-games Entertainment) ....hahaha
  13. I demand to know how they're encrypting their script!!!! eh, its all good. sometimes when u wanna fix actor's kits and mission name and briefingtext and etc..notepad is okay, other than that, DONT PLAN ON USING IT! lol
  14. Hey guys, I've actually only played Op Flashpoint DEMO, not the whole game They have the game and the Gold Upgrade at our local EB Games (used...very inexpensive...hehe....). Think I should get it? What kind of modding can you do to this game? Thanks....
  15. hey maybe one of my other personalities could be and Bullwinkle simplesuperman says he's tired of being 2nd in command... SLAP! BANG! HEADBUTT! Now there is only one.... Question is....which one is it? Muwahahahahaha
  16. If it wasn't for that nice script encryption, it would probably be fairly simple for a programmer to make their own mission editor...I wish RSE would've included a WYSIWYG-style script editor for advanced users...would've been nice haha...
  17. Thats what I thought when I first started using it
  18. Eh...guess I can say now...Snow's one of the hybrid modding robots.... HK P11 HK SMG II LR300 HK23 Springfield M1903A4 / M84 Telescope M72 LAW Best of luck, man.
  19. Mod Title: That Others May Live Lead Developer: RabidLockerGnome Website: http://www.thatothersmaylive.tk Contact: rabidlockergnome@hotmail.com Characters: [RabidLockerGnome] US Air Force Pararescue [DTD NED] Taliban [DTD NED] Iraqi Regular Army [DTD NED] Iraqi Republican Guard [GR] Chechen Terrorists [Character exports and attachments by Cobaka] Missions: [GR Modder*AFZ*] Desert Ferret : Unknown Location, Afghanistan [Jay316] Urban Nexus: Tikrit, Iraq [Jay316] Sand Shepard: Nasiriyah, Iraq [Jay316] Falling Angels: Unknown Location, Chechnya [Contributions from GR Modder*AFZ*] Weapons: [Tmichc] M4 / ACOG 4X Scope [Tmichc] M4 / ACOG Reflex [Tmichc] M4 / M68 Aimpoint [Tmichc] M4 / ACOG Reflex / M203 [Tmichc] M4 / M68 Aimpoint / M203 [Contributions from Chems] [Reticules by RabidLockerGnome] Maps: [El Oso] TG_Map1 [El Oso] The Mosque [Contributions from Chems] Vehicles: [Chems]Downed Blackhawk [Chems]Little Bird [HX5]Blackhawk [HX5]Super Stallion [improved sounds from Kaffee]
  20. This is really weird guys...Some of my missions for TOML mysteriously give me a CTD when i select them for play. As soon as i select the mission and hit the button to go to the mission screen, CTD. Checked out Ike.log :: Nothing wrong.... Checked out IkeCrash.log :: Nothing really wrong, heres the top GhostRecon caused an Access Violation in module GhostRecon.exe at 001b:004db69c. Exception handler called in Main Thread. Error occurred at 1/3/2005 21:41:10. MyDrive:\Games\Ghost Recon\GhostRecon.exe, run by Mack. 1 processor(s), type 586. 512 MBytes physical memory. Read from location 065b0020 caused an access violation. Registers: EAX=065b0020 CS=001b EIP=004db69c EFLGS=00010293 EBX=02bcb7a4 SS=0023 ESP=0012f87c EBP=00000003 ECX=0012f8f4 DS=0023 ESI=065b0020 FS=003b EDX=0012f8dc ES=0023 EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 66 8b 08 c1 e9 08 81 e1 f8 00 00 00 89 0a 66 8b Stack trace: 004DB69C: GhostRecon.exe! <no symbol>, <no file>, <no line> [/code] Have any of u had this problem before? Any help? The missions load up fine in Igor.
  21. Okay all, I'll get started right away. If I was a good programmer ( ) I could figure out how to use GR's positioning and allow attachments and etc....unfortunately, I'm not! haha
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