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  1. Hey all, I used to be active in Ghost Recon modding back in 2004-2005. I was also known as "simplesuperman" and "hybridmenace" at one point (I don't remember why I ended up with another account, much to Rocky's dismay I'm sure ). I worked on a mod called That Others May Live, aka TOML. I wonder if it's floating around anywhere, as I've long lost the project files. At another point, I started getting into game development and wanted to take on a mammoth project of creating an open-source GR-like game. Obviously, that went nowhere Anyway, I'm glad to see the modding community, and Ghost Recon community in general, is still alive and doing well! I'm probably going to pick up the GR bundle on Steam with every game and expansion so I can get back into my favorite franchise. My computers aren't very capable at the moment (I still haven't been able to run GRAW1 on more than lowwww since it came out), but hopefully I can change that. Since it's been such a long time, what else should I check out? Shout out if you remember me or my projects!
  2. okay, cool guys. hey maybe till i do, we can get some stuff goin on something i need to find, its for missions, i wanna have a basic randomizing kinda thing for missions, so i can apply it to all the maps, and have it be different every time. of course i would specify a new target to rescue, but no biggy. anyways, any help?
  3. Basically, I'm just looking at making it nicely clean-cut and maybe experimenting with a few new things before I release it.
  4. Alright guys, I'm giving in. I went and bought GR: GOTY Edition, so now I can have clean installs.. and know where all the discs are... hehe. So I guess you could take that as a step towards completing TOML.
  5. Thanks for the support guys. Okay so again I'm extending my schedule another week. Time this past week was kind of needed in other departments... such as... beautiful woman. So I think you guys would understand. But again, one week, if by thursday I dont have anything, it's stopped at beta. ;-)
  6. Thanks for not losing hope. Here's the status: I've gotten into 1,000 things that I need to finish and not one is finished. TOML now is way behind standards of other mods and will look like cheap amateur crap (if) when released. Thats just the truth. It needs some overhauling and definite polishing. This week I'm gonna lose a lotta sleep, grab some red bulls, and see what I can pump out. If by thursday it's not in a good place, enjoy the beta because the project will be dropped. If its in a good place, it'll be released next weekend. There's the status.
  7. hey guys its been a while... this is like REALLLLLY off topic, but i know you guys are the masters on this subject so i thought i'd ask. i just opened a sourceforge project called The Open Military FPS. my aim is to have an open-source military FPS game, where u can add character and weapon attachments easily, etc..etc... people like those of you here would be the target content-creators. there would be base characters and weapons, and a tool to go in and position attachments in relation to these bases would let u export the data on that attachment...etc..etc.. anyways, what kind of modding possibilities do you guys wish GR had, so that maybe i could aim for those kinds of things?
  8. picked two colors contrasting enuff for foreground and background. filled with lighter color. did a Artistic...Sponge... got me a camo-looking thing. then used Other...Offset to offset then blended edges, offset again, and had a tile. throughout about 1/4 of the texture size, then stretched to full capacity for horizontal stripe.. etc.. etc... just takes a lil messin around in PS.
  9. wow, its been a while since i saw u on here DonMiguel! love ur GR launcher using it for TOML!
  10. I'd like to have some missions in Chechnya for That Others May Live *cough* *cough* lol So yeah, if you want to use that campaign for something different...like TOML...let me know lol, id love it haha. good luck dude.
  11. I'm with ya man, that's why I've been doing game dev. for the past year and a half instead of game modding. even in that community, people just want code, programs, and media for free without ever even taking the time to make it on their own, and without even so much as a thanks. its my code, its my time, it belongs to me. good luck with w/e u do!
  12. Schweet design, swartsz! I can see the dutchie in you from miles away! haha. if u other guys dont understand, im talking about his design style and colors and etc..etc... its a design thing... lol. anyways, dude , good luck, ur stuff totally rocks and ur portfolio is highly impressive... now... to start on mine... lol lol..P.S... dont u just love Zon? lol
  13. hey wait man, i want my CAPS too lol. ok, a mod like this...chances of survival.... 0.5%. you guys can pull off a smaller mod, but ull still have to work harder and stuff for it. personally, my own game is what i wanna be focusing on. modding is great, but i want the ultimate, original game development. well. good luck on this guys, i cant help, but i can say hope u pull something off at all.
  14. Sounds like a good idea. Personally, I'd like to implement the GR engine, without the huge hassles of GR the game... Remember those various apps that launched right to the mission? Well I say we make our own app to do that also, but make ours much prettier and easy to use than the regular ol GR screens... With full character and weapon customizations for each team member. idk, i like the idea, but will require good planning & organization, and lots of community material.
  15. hey all i do a lot of game programming and stuff, and i think its time we had our own game... purely multiplayer, where u customize ur character loadout, weapon loadout, and actually use the lights, lasers, and optics. and see the weapon in ur view haha. there is one open source game engine im messing with called Existence, the developer is really pushing it forward... i think with yalls abilities we could really do something. the engine uses the GPL, and i know yall can create models from scratch...well just think about it.
  16. Boneheads... I oughta slap UBI with my LEFT hand... Ha ha! let's see how they like that! not even good enough for the right!
  17. hehe i can do that kinda stuff in MS Paint... totally...lol
  18. Ooooh purrty...I'd sure love to see that on a Future Force Warrior model.... America's Army: Stormtroopers
  19. Yes... it was quite lovely i thought i was playing in some cheap hollywood movie
  20. Hey guys, since ya'll are modders and have prolly modded with a few games by now, what would be your preferences as far as if you could decide on formats, organization, etc... of a video game that you would want to mod. an example for me is i would use a texture format that could be made and directly saved via GIMP as well as the other major apps. another is that i would like to see more xml...etc...etc... what would your wishes be? characters (& player setup) model formats & tools texture formats etc... etc...
  21. time to make friends with somebody that has a lower version so they can export ur stuff for u
  22. I feel ya man, im gonna need a BIOS update but who feels comfortable doing that when their whole system is already set up lol
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