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  1. Thanks for the reply Hatchet.LOL=The back of the PS2 box proudly states, and I quote ;"EXCLUSIVE GAME DESIGN FOR THE PLAYSTATION 2".
  2. Thank god,yes, I did the same thing,told them to frag in front of me and they threw it at me!!!I mean ,jesus,in real combat your team would tell you to frag off if you gave such an order,the game should reflect this general human emotion of "not wanting to be blown into little pieces as it may make the rest of the mission quite tricky".
  3. Dude nooooooooo,dont do it.Give the rental money to a stranger on the street and ask them to punch you several times in the face, it will give you hours more fun than this game ever could . I have just played a few more levels and it gets worse. And let me qualify this for all of you:I am so not anti ghost recon.It still holds that before GR2 the ghost recon series has been the best combat format game ever on all platforms.THATS what makes GR2 such a crime.
  4. This is very interesting. I have just posted a message saying that the PS2 version is the worst game since the Big Bang.The XBox version must be very different to the PS2.
  5. dude, im afraid this is just a really really bad game. Sell it quickly at a second hand shop .
  6. PLAYSTATION 2 :This is the worst game ever. It would still be a bad game if it was the first Ghost Recon of the series, what makes it terrible is that Ghost Recon is a well established series that had (still has before GR2) a brilliant combat format and varied gameplay which has been COMPLETELY taken out of this game. NO CHARACTER SELECTION.NO STAT BUILDING OF CHARACTERS.ONE DIMENSIONAL, SHORTASS LEVELS.I could go on but my eyes are starting to bleed im so angry. This is the last time I buy a Ghost Recon game untill I see reviews that say the people responsible are now working at codemaster
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