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  1. http://forum.axishistory.com ww2 discussion (some vets come there too)
  2. wish you lots of luck m8! Some great work you pulled off!
  3. @2nd ranger, I seem to be far more able to hit enemies now, maybe it's just me getting more used to it, or it is something else. The first time I started playing difficult after having finished the game on normal I really thought it was damn easy to kill enemies that time, but that might also have to do with the several skill levels of the enemie, fallschirmjager are better than regular infantry, and the SS are uber units, and as always, the first missions are against the easier type of enemy
  4. that's correct, only needed when playing MP, to go on ubi.com (yes the game doesn't even have direct IP connection abilities )
  5. yes I think that should do mcdonald! I have WIN XP Service Pack 1 2.8 Ghz CPU 512 mb RAM (ddr) Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 and it run's fine, can't put everything on high tho, but it's still looking cool I didn't even have to worry 'bout buying the game, as I got it for free from ubisoft
  6. eagerly awaiting this mod, but not a whole lot of time or experience to betatest
  7. I've just finished "The Day of the Triffids" tho it's more than evident it's a 50's book, it's damn good even in relation to these days
  8. Every little thing she does is magic
  9. any missions coming along with this thing?
  10. release date is now fixed at March 17th
  11. Our news is not government owned, the government only pays for it. They're obliged to give '2'(ormore) views on the matter, so you'll always get a view of all sides of the coin
  12. your Skillz lexsis but your characters/skins would be fine as well I suppose, since Skillz cannot be shown digitally (in my book)
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