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  1. Ya know if ya think about it... Ubi is the Publisher, copyright and title owner, and holds the purse strings; regardless of the 'relationship' they have with their wholly owned subsidiary RSE, Ubi calls the shots. Considering how far in advance we had news of the Console versions of Ghost Recon 2, all the weird subterfuge and 'handling' here on GRN -- and the fact there is no official news item on Ghost Recon 2 PC; it certainly doesn't seem unreasonable that Ubi is questioning whether it's even worth bothering, when they can expand, massage and milk the XBox and PS2 for more added value return then their net sales returns on PC... They definitely pulled the rug out from under Raven Shield, even after published news commitments to support the game with Mod Tools and patches that never appeared. I'm not being cynical here; this is business and a big publisher like Ubi carefully evaluates and measure retail 'slotting' performance, how their various titles compete for the PC consumers money, the state of the competition and marketplace in general. Regardless of what happens with GR2 on the PC someone (or several someone's) will step up with the 'next' serious tactical realism game that that fills the voide -- the pont here is it certainly doesn't seem unreasonable that there may not be a GR2 PC... Δ
  2. Moreover when you consider the number of updates, expansion, maps, fixes, etc. that Ubi/RSE are working on for the XBox Clancy games -- it's hard to imagine when or even if they'll find the time to work on a PC version of any of them...
  3. All very compelling press, but nothing that suggests that the new engine is anything other then a 'proprietary' version of licensed id Software code... That combined with the lack of real engine detail tends to make me think and hope that's exactly the case... There's also the more interesting possibility that they've licensed early beta code from id's new LSS engine... But with the close association between IW, Activision, and id Software would really surprise me if there was not id code at the center of the 'new proprietary engine'...
  4. I can't believe the engine is a totally proprietary in-house work (though I could be wrong) the lead time just isn't enough; and John Carmack did say that the Q3:Source release was delayed because a previous Licensee had re-badged a deal -- the most logical, and the only Studio with enough clout to reverse id Software and Johnny Cee's decision would have to be IW or Raven, and Raven has said that their future work (Q4 and SOF III) will be on highly customized "propritary" D2 derivative engine (yes they used that "p" word too)... I personally love the id Software engine, and think COD was and would continue to be well served by it... The MOH "franchise's" move away fro the id engine sure wasn't good good for MOH: Pacific Theater as it has to be one of the worst render pigs to hit the the FPS realism market. The id engine by contrast offers a nice confluence of performance and render candy that renders large scale environments with plenty of detail, solid physics and excellent net-code. Games always look outstanding in print press reviews so I take processed screen shots with a 40 lb bag or rock salt. Anyone know more poop on the engine this next iteration of COD is supposed to roll on? Anything to suggest compatability with previous iterations of the game i.e. an id compatable BSP engine?
  5. On a related note has anyone thought to try to make GR2 Xbox/PS2 style reticules for Ghost Recon? I know with some third party mod tools it may even be possible to extract the textures and use them as guides... Δ
  6. Anyone read anything anywhere about the level of mod support that will be offered for the game? It's on the Unreal Warfare engine so in theory it would be as mod-able as UT2004 but that would depend on their license, and where they want to go with the game. VU for example promises mod support that's somewhat more advanced then the vanilla UT2004 on SWAT 4... Sup, why would you prefer the Xbox over the PC version of the game? It would seem a sure bet there will at lest be level tools for the PC game making that a 'shoe-in sure bet' better value IMHO... Δ
  7. Yeah, but now the game has 'magic' weapon 'prizes' and 'awards' for more kills -- ala Counter-Strike wanna-be... So now there's a big turd in the TC:E golden egg... One of the Developer leads TraumaHawk wanted this out and supplanted with much more realistic Map/Mission specific squad load-outs -- but apparently his voice and many TC:E Fans was not enough so C-S features prevailed... The up-side is if serious realism id Software engine Level Designers decide to pick the mod up, they do get to choose what kind of weapon setup prevails on their maps, as well as player skins, mission specifics etc.. It's a decent mod, but it's exciting future just got a little further away...
  8. The CTD is in the updated working download, no idea where it is because we can't even start the game with the mod activated... I think the scripted carry idea is nice but not necessery... I think focusing on realism and making the mod current would be a better emphasis of limited resources. Features like: → adding scale body armor → updates to the HUD/UI → fixing the missing resources for kits → adding updated weapons like the SCAR → loosing the XM8 plans → tweaking sounds → tweaking AI → tweaking settings for MP Are all things that are documented portions of other mods now, that are 'must have' features for a 'Realism' mod, that is trying to bring GR into the present... Δ
  9. Yup I'm experiencing the same Crash To Desktop as Sup with 1.0d... In fact after the first activation of the mod with 1.0d I can't even get Ghost Recon back up without removing the mod... :'(
  10. I've been working on/off on my own GR Realism mod (more off with the discouraging events here on GRN)... After several months of persistent posts it was finally learned that some elements of the game's UI and HUD color code is hard coded (probably in the game's "GhostRecon.exe" file) while others are not. The default color that's applied to some HUD and UI assets is a baby pastel blue, and any color editing of other HUD elements gets mixed with this color on some elements and not others which just makes HUD and interface redesign a mess. Ideally the default color would be white. I know Para and several other mods have gone after deeper modding by hacking and hex editing game files, rather like Desert Combat had to in order to mod BF 1942... If you or someone you know -- knows how to do this sort of thing steer them my way, and PM me through these forums post info here in this thread or email me! I finally have the assistance of a professional Graphics Guy and would like to finish this mod and do it right and do away with the warty GR HUD & UI... -GR HUD-O-Rama- Δ
  11. Well it would help a LOT to learn where the heck it came from *hint*!
  12. Hi V2_Bloodline! Are you sure you uploaded 1.0d to FilePlanet? I've searched for it and can't find anything there; but of couse that doesn't mean that it's not there... Perhaps we can use zip repair to fix the archive on Ghostaholic and find out what's missing or broken and in turn fix or replace that... Be a bummer for this mod to get dropped now, though I think the SCAR would be more appropriate then the XM weapons now that the SCAR contract is final...
  13. Wow that's one slickly produced and edited trailer! Who did that!? Wish the game had as polished (and minimal) a HUD as the video implies (hint hint)... Nice work on that trailer whoever did it?
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