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  1. Feeling poetic today. Yoo Bee Eye, Yoo Bee Eye, Trustworthy and respectful Who We thought would never tell a lie Or whos games would ever get dull. Yet promises of G R two Getting us excited Turn out to be a pile of poo To XBOX - extradited! "So on to GR3!" they say Met by grumbles from the readers "But all we want to do is play!" On to new games it will lead us. And so the story twists and bends And lost profit is in sight And from here it all depends... How good is 'First to Fight'?
  2. FAMAS's have thier own problems too... I don't think that they meet the needs of the British Army as far as supply doctrine and even down to the squad tactic level. Also, built in optics would be harder to get hold with, unlike G36Ks, Steyers or (in most cases) SA80s.
  3. Ahhh? SLR, don't even mention that word. The SA80s will hold out until a fresh weapon can be introduced... expeccially if it means we might have to re-adpot the damn SLR.
  4. Let's hope they don't base thier descision on that lol.
  5. I would disagree on British Troops 'borrowing' M16s from US troops. This is actually quite illegal in some cases. However, I think those deployed to US zones are sometimes given weapons and ammo because they have to work under US supply lines. As far as a replacement rifle, we are looking at either the FN2000 or the G36K. Personally, I dislike both. I would much prefere the Steyer AUG varients to be in use with the British Army.
  6. Yeah Brit instructers! You show that 3 star who's boss.
  7. Loving the burgans, SAS mods need 'em.
  8. Yeah the NBP guy from CO2, that hat and glasses were fixed on the model before I got my paws on it...
  9. A Re-Skinned Baja Bravo model for Canadian Ops 2. Woodland Desert Jungle
  10. So I got tired of explaining this over and over so I thought... screw it... make a video for people to download. Channel Commander is a function that allows teamleaders on different channels to talk to other team leaders on the the channels. Each channel commander is indicated with a red light instead of a green light. Observe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a link to a small download for a video by Gecko, explaining how to set this funtion up. -- http://www.phoenixsoldier.net/tshelp/PXSchannelCommander.zip ---------------
  11. Loving it... Was thinking of making a Commonwealth Forces Mod including skins from... UK Canada Australia New Zealand India Pakistan South Africa It would be nice to see.
  12. Nice Can anyone help my friend here with some good female models for her to work skins for?
  13. The difference is that Royal Marines generally have more choice in the matter. The paras wear thier berets on patrols and no body armour. This is the 'hearts and minds' approach towards peacekeeping in urban areas.
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