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  1. In addition to the fact that you'll need it to play most MP games and mods, I recommend it just for what it contains. Great maps, missions, weapons, gameplay improvements....Well worth the money.
  2. That photo has been going around the internet for a while now. What actually happened was that the Sidewinder wasn't fitted properly and when the F/A-18 cought the wire it went flying off the deck (Hi again BTW...I haven't posted here in ages)
  3. Oh crap...That was hilarious!
  4. I have a 9700 Pro and it runs rock solid, Drivers and all.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Kick back, and enjoy your stay
  6. Raptor9


    Good to see you around, Jester. Keep safe.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grewsome Gunner!!! A bit early in my time zone but what the heck!
  8. I just got Generals two days ago. It's a blast. I just completed the U.S Campaign on normal and am now doing China.
  9. IT does, in fact, only comes with 1.3. You'll need to download 1.4.
  10. He's Australian, in Australia they put the day, then the month, then the year.
  11. Embassy. I love sniping from the buildings.
  12. Hey! Welcome to the forums! Have fun!
  13. From a guy who's only prior experience with FPS games was the Novalogic Delta Force Series(LOL), I too was extremely frustrated with this game at first. It takes time, but once you get the hang of it you quickly get hooked. Glad you like the game, and welcome to ghostrecon.net LMAO!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATO Hambone and Fivefiftysix NATO!!! Have a good birthday you guys!
  15. Have you tried Norton? It's the best darn anti-virus program I've ever had. Never let me down. I had McAfee on my old computer and it causes more problems then it fixed.
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Apollo! Hope it was a good one
  17. Bingo! One more down! From foxnews.com: "Kinda rough" is a bit of an understatement, I think
  18. From what I understand it's a bug in the code that has something to do with security and copyright protection.
  19. You should be. If all you've been used to is a GeForce 2, you're going to be blown away.
  20. That's a well known bug with the game that was never corrected. A reinstall is the only way to fix it.
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