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  1. Well, many of you rember me, any many of you don't.. I used to be =UE=Swordfish, the founder of =UE=. Unfortunately, those who "knew" me were misled and lied to by myself in various ways and forms... Specifically my claims to be in the active-duty military... I don't need to go into detail, because those who were trespassed against know what I refer to. I, out of guilty consience, tried to just fade away from GR.net to avoid any more lies, but I was tracked down by the members of my former unit, where they proceeded to expose me... I admit that every action I made was wrong and misleading, and no excuse can make up for the lies... For that I am truly sorry. I realize now that I did not need the sham to be accepted or believed... I could've accomplished the same amount by being myself... Alas, actions made in the past cannot be undone. As I said, I did not want to hurt anybody, but lies breed lies, and before I knew it, I was up to my elbows in deceit and could not back out... So, I left GR.net. If you need to talk to me, you can PM me and I'll answer any questions truthfully and openly, if you need a personal apology, please do the same.... my name is now Lt.Dan as I don't want to make =UE= look bad by my actions. So, now.... I leave the judgement up to you.
  2. =UE= Guys Any one want to give me a breifing on clan events since I left? I would be much obliged. Specifically tourny stats and the like. Also new members and thier backgrounds. Thanks, PM me if you want, i'll be on more often now.
  3. Well, Good grief! Glad to see you guys are doing well... Almost makes me want to begin playing GR again! Need another sniper!
  4. Long time no see everyone. Happy B--Day Rocky. Hope it went reasonably well. And for the rest of you scallawags! Don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail now and then! I dont bite!
  5. Lt.Dan


    You know what? One flight of F-16s with a few dumb bombs could ruin both of your days. But so could a 50. cal round from a M82 to your tank CO's head.
  6. ^^Whos avatar looks like he's about to have a heart anurism^^
  7. Lt.Dan


    I love it, but you need a screaming machine to run it. If you have 512 or better in RAM you will bo OK... And dang is it georgous with my G-Force FX! Il2 is great and I love it! But I like CFS3 more.
  8. Lt.Dan


    LO frickin L! Three words Air Force Football Take that Green Bean!
  9. Lt.Dan


    I'm right handed, and that was easy! But I shoot left handed so that might be a sign of somthing.
  10. Well, can't tell you what they were, but probobly not CC's.
  11. Lt.Dan


    Army - Ugg, me army man. Me drive big rumble rumble. Big gun go big boom boom! Navy - Ummm.... we'er busy right now.... ummm... Send in the marines! Marines - Yea! Hooah, Yea!, SEMPER FI! Hooah, Yea! Yea! SEMPER FI! Hooah! Yea! SEMPER FI! Air Force - Dangit! My e-mail's down!
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