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  1. My profile has my contact info. If you wanna talk about it outside of here.
  2. I have installed MSN 6 and haven't had the problem.
  3. Read a few posts back and then there is a patch in DR's most recent reply.
  4. I see...I haven't had any problems so oh well.
  5. http://www.eu.microsoft.com/technet/treevi...in/MS03-026.asp
  6. This is happening all over the place including at [H]ard. http://www.eu.microsoft.com/technet/treevi...in/MS03-026.asp
  7. Sorry Major, I posted it but all my posts are under moderation so they take a crap load of time to get to you. Follow Crimsons advice there
  8. RPC erros happen a lot with virii. But they can be fixed a lot of times just grab the latest updates for ur windows version.
  9. There is a tool that will install all VC car mods not vcmm but its really cool. Later tonight I could put it up on my server if people want it.
  10. Not sure. The book must mean 2.6GHz actually and there aren't any 100FSB 2.6's so that must mean it allows up to 533MHz FSB so as long as the cpu is 533MHz and 2.6GHz or under it should be good. When I get home I will check more about your mobo though.
  11. I told u guys modded cars rocked! Grab the bmw M3 its a must!
  12. You will see a nice performance gain too. Wait till you play some heavy MP or a BF1942 with it you'll be happy
  13. Some thermal compund. I reccommend AS3. And that is really all. If you get the reatail version of the 2.6B then it should have a HSF already. Make sure it is a B not a C cause I dont think that mobo will do the 800MHz bus just the 533.
  14. It depends on what you use yur system for. Do you know what you have in now and how much. No board supports PC3500. PC3200 (DDR400) is the limit.
  15. That blows...well time to pick out your favorite stlye of hearing aid
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