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  1. Im just wondering what is the proper way to get rid of old display drivers? I know this can be tricky and i have heard lots of stories about old drivers messing up the performace of new vid cards, so i was wondering how to get rid of them SAFELY? I am getting a radeon 9700 pro tomorrow and i currently have installed a geforce 3 Ti 200....does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I just didnt think that going ATI is a good idea.... I mean i know its a great performing card and all ive just heard a lot of stories about driver issuse, and thats something that would bug the crap out of me! Where as i know nvidia drivers are solid and i would never have to worry about a game not being compatible!! Anyway im just looking for something to spend my big income tax return on.
  3. Im so confused Is this card better than the 4600? I just see this card around for like $200 bucks and i still see the 4600 for $300, so whats the deal?!? Is this card worth a buy? I was looking at the benchmarks over at toms hardware and on most of the tests show that it can hang pretty well....anyway im just curious Heres the link to the benchmarks over at Toms Hardware
  4. thanks Rocky!! Do you happen to know were i can get some screenshots also?
  5. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the handheld version of ghost recon? Ive been looking all over for some screenshots or something but have come up with nothing!! I know they had planed to make it at one time is it still going to happen?
  6. Ok i just need to know the difference between the two? Which one am i most likely to have and what is better?
  7. Very sad... My heart goes out to those astronauts and their families as well....
  8. The reason they dont have any screens yet is because they have not unvailed the system yet.. They say they are supposed to have its unvailing in March sometime. To me the console doesnt seem like a "console" at all but more like an entertainment center, sort of like an at home arcade Where all you have to do is choose a game, pay a fee and your off.... Sounds interesting but i dont know if this will win peoples hearts over the 3 main consoles out there
  9. Haha... I thought it sounded a little cheesy too!
  10. Umm...Has anyone seen this yet? A new console emerging? I wonder how this could compare to the rest? And once its on the market could this spell disaster for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft?? It doest seem like theres any room for one more console!! Especially at my little ol' Gamestop!! Anyway heres the link, check it out for yourselves.... NEW CONSOLE!!!
  11. Saaaaweeeeet!!! When can we expect it?!?!
  12. Thats a very nice case! hehe Thats the same case i have except its silver
  13. I was just wondering if any of you guys had any inforation on overclocking PC's. Im thinking of trying it but im not sure of the steps or procedures to do so. If any of you have any information on how to do this it would be much apperciated. My PC specs are: AMD XP 2200+ Soyo Dragon Ultra Platnium 256 Mb PC 2700 My PC runs at a constant 36 to 42 Degrees Celcius...
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