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  1. No, it's not. The exact words being used don't really matter, it's the issue behind them that you picked up on. Which makes you right. Despite any public ranting towards GRIN, towards GRAW2, or even towards Wolfsong, who has been my friend for 8 years, I unyieldingly publically stick up for all 3 of those entities, relentlessly. And anytime I had any sort of a critical question or critique, I gave it to Wolfsong behind close doors, away from public eye. I consider it some simple peer to peer industry courtesy. Two times, at different websites, I have made statements about BFS; and both times, publically, Wolfsong cast doubt and criticism upon it. It would be nice, if I could have gotten that simple peer to peer industry courtesy back. But that's okay. Both of our actions speak volumes towards our characters, and that's enough for me. The message in my post on the previous page, remains intact. .
  2. I have seen ingame footage. Not only will BFS "make it"; but Sonedecker will bring to this community exactly what it's been looking for since 2000. The spot where a great game used to be, is about to be filled by an even greater game of the same caliber. BFS is the company that still sees the community for what it really wants; sees the potential left in the PC market, and is going to do something about it. Who do want to bring you the next great GR Style game? Sonedecker, Harntrox, and the rest of the amazingly talented BFS dev team, who cut their teeth on [GR] with you, ........... or Ubisoft? Keep the faith, and spread the word. Ground Branch is coming. See above. Sonedecker? Harntrox? You guys are asking for something that's already here. .
  3. That wasn't exactly the reason. I would say "going out of your way to intentionally antagonize the studio owner and instigate disharmony" would be a better description.
  4. Respectfully, you haven't a clue what you're talking about, as well as that 's a fairly disrespectful thing to be spreading around considering the individual you're talking about. See below... You are simply repeating things you have seen talked about at the BFS forum. You are not aware of what's been going on behind the scenes, as Whisper and I are. Both of us have been personally involved this last week with business and financial matters within BFS, and I can assure you these issues are being addressed in ways you are not privvy too. I would personally appreciate it if you would not spread this type of negativity around in public forums. At the very least, have a little more respect for John's efforts. If you can't, than it would be better if you said nothing at all.
  5. That's where the future and hope of the tacsim genre are.
  6. Ditto. And it's at multiple sites as well.
  7. Kinda puts the other site in a new light, don't it? Perhaps, if they didn't post like brain-dead teenage punks, Ubi wouldn't think that way.
  8. I believe that is your problem. Hardware aceleration is really designed for individual sound cards you add to your PC, like Sounblaster Audigy, etc. You probably will not be able to get EAX effects with an onboard sound device either. Good sound cards can be had inexpensively, and are easy to install. I recommend it highly. For now, turn that accceleration off.
  9. I actually got sidetracked the last couple days messing with the intelligence and behavior settings for GRAW1. As soon as I'm happy with that I'll be back to this....
  10. In the bundle find the sb_templates folder, and pull out the Ghost_AI and Sb_AI xml's. There are some failry self explanatory lines in there with values to adjust to alter the behaviors. In the downloads section is a mod called Jason's mod that has these files already available and adjusted for an example. Mirr's mod also has these in them.
  11. And there's the answer we needed right there. Thank You TRC. Good info on the other stuff too. Still testing, but I still think the XP values are having an effect as well. Thanks for the help. Just want to make sure about this... So, this is not a typo, you're just saying leave it at it's default and do not change it, correct?
  12. Surely there must be someone around here using mods, that can tell us if they've ever seen a new compiled XMB appear somewhere in their folders, and where. I've never seen one in appear on the local folder, and I've looked in the Documents and Settings/ folder to see if another GRAW2 folder gets created (like many games do) but there isn't one. Just the main folder which I have on a seperate drive from the OS (Win XP). I'll do the search, but I've never seen a new XMB show up anywhere. Are you sure the game doesn't just read the XML from the override folder?
  13. That's what I have always assumed and experienced myself. Except for today. I can live with all of that stuff, I really want to get back to trying to figure out if any of the xp_values are actually used or not. I'm actually doing a clean install just to be safe, and am going to retest the stealth and awareness stuff.
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