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  1. It's been years since I modded GRAW2, but I was able to do exactly what you are looking for. If memory serves me, it is going to have to be bundle specific. I would definitely need to know what maps and/or bundles you plan on using. If any of those are another modder's bundle, we will definitely need their permission.........which I don't think would be a problem when asked.
  2. I use and highly recommend the Icemat Siberia Steelseries headset. Icemat Siberia Steelseries Headset Very comfortable, 10 ft. cord, inline volume control, AND a seperate mic. The mic is not attached to the headset and works exceptionally well. I have the mic about 2 feet away mounted on the monitor and it transmits loud and clear.
  3. Well, for me, If I'm playing with peeps I don't know then checking rooms personally is a must. There's been way too many times to list they don't let anyone know if something is in the room that others could use.
  4. You I'd trust with the M79, pretty much most others I wouldn't even begin a map with! Also, on being Biled on, why peeps haven't figured out to corner up and melee - thus allowing me to pull a human shield between them and infected astounds me. For God's sake, the infected won't damage me as long as the pheromone is active on the biled survivor. And for the peeps that use the random pipe bomb that dispatches only one infected..........
  5. Wytch, you're absolutely correct in the firing patterns most peeps use. Here's how to properly use an autoshotty to peel infected (try it, it works): USE the pips........I mean, the pips are spread out on the shotties AND that is for a reason. At fairly close range put your side pips on the infected you are peeling off a survivor making sure that the center pip is away from the survivor - then fire. The spread will will follow the pips spread and not injure the survivor. Another thing, a horde surrounding an incapped survivor is easily peeled by keeping the bottom pip above the surviv
  6. Actually, if anyone here hasn't gotten the game......you may want to. There is an update coming soon with more maps, fixes, etc. They've been good about fixing bugs as they can & getting rid of the exploits. Granted, as WytchDokta has stated there are probs with it, but mostly with the other peeps playing. I've been at it for a couple of months now, and can't keep from playing it. It's that good; and will definitely keep up or hone your fast twitch shooting & head shot skills. When you finally do get a tight group together on Expert, the game really shines - due to mostly th
  7. My bad, I see you have an ATI vid card......
  8. Bota, remote detonated C4 has been done, check out the O G R mod.....C4 plantable on just about anything and can be detonated clear across the map.
  9. Nah, they just download bots to do it for them to get a better online rating.......
  10. By all means, definitely use any of the environments in the map packs, I'm glad they can be of use to you and anyone else!
  11. Dark Knight FTW!!! Everything else doesn't compare....
  12. Wow, this could take up volumes....... To touch on a few things.....by the time GRAW2 hit, it was evident that UBI had dumbed down the game. Granted, it had some things going for it, but what made GR great and unique had now been removed. No gimp, lack of squads, no Direct IP, no Automap downloads, a brutally bad editor, no replays, after action lobby not community friendly, etc., etc. The list could go on for quite a while. Not to mention UBI games have continuously gone the path of console fast twitch shooters without realism. I'm not saying that's bad, just not the game GR was. A
  13. Ok, here's my wish list: 1. Environments. Give us different environments....snow, rain, fog, etc., and of course mix these with the different times of the day. Perhaps giving the ability to the server to determine the map - the time of day - AND the environment. 2. Maps. A good mix of urban and wilderness would be nice. 3. Binoculars. 4. Bring back the GIMP! If injured beyond a minor flesh wound, have it at least affect movement rate and firing accuracy. 5. The original GR gave 6 frags, claymores, and even 12 GL rounds.......give these to us again & include smoke..
  14. The EBDA guys became interested in running the AOW mod and contacted me concerning this thread. They kept running into the CTD "...mp_us_scout template not found". Yet, it wasn't a consistent crash for all players, just some would have it while others wouldln't crash and could play. The same for me. I dove into it, and it has been several months, checked out the files and all seemed well. I then rebundled it and fired it up, it worked. 2 days later I tried to fire up the mod, and it did the same thing again, CTD with the same error. Last night I unbundled Wolfsong's mod and began to
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