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  1. Dear Struth, we're about to go Graw2 again, so thanks in advance for your installer!
  2. Missing In Action: Hydrocide/Hellspawn/Baires/Linda/Deadeye/Mrs. Deadeye/Elkhound Others might be found on Steam; Charlie Coop From GR to Arma 3. best regards, Koelshooter
  3. Very nice. Burner, what name you use on Steam? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Wombat, I record with my graphics card (asus nvidia 1070) and just use windows moviemaker. Works for me and thank you for the kind words.
  5. Hey Lightspeed, we normally play on Friday and Saturday nights. At around 21.00 CET. Always welcome!
  6. You see...it works :-). Just some eye candy. And hee, another one for you (all).
  7. Original GR missions brought to Arma 3 by Lightspeed. Check out the vid and enjoy!
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