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  1. I think its cheap they only gave us 17 seconds
  2. Hey everyone been a while since i posted something well i just made a new video on youtube for the game prototype. I made my own music video trailer with the song city from hollywood undead. Please can you rate 5 stars and comment on what u think.Thx 4 reading -andy [Duplicate thread removed & Remaining thread given a meaningful Title]
  3. IDK maybe cuz the site moved up to the top sites when u search 4 ghost recon on google
  4. Umm kinda hard, but i have 2 say DARK KNIGHT!!!
  5. Hey john, whats your name again? by: the devil wears prada and also go getter greg by: Ludo
  6. A funny glitch i did in saints row 2.The video below is not mine, but one I found on youtube its a cool glitch that also won glitch of he year.This video also shows how 2 do it. link:
  7. they should have attack and defend and sumthing like sabotage in cod4
  8. uhh i played it yesterday and found sum games but i play GoW2 and Cod5 now
  9. well who knows cuz ive heard it might be ghost recon 4 but i also heard about graw3 so idk just gotta wait 2 e3
  10. I lost it sadly ,but i found 3 different games in the first GR:AW 2 day so i think you'll np finding ppl on GR:AW 2 [Edited - Please do not post in ALL CAPS !]
  11. I think in gr 4 they should change up the ranking system a bit kinda like a cod system but with no perks cuz dat would not work in gr.also they need sum new modes like attack & defend. [Edited - Please do not post in ALL CAPS !]
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