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  1. Thx, thats exactly what I needed to do (delete all ati files too). Ran drivercleaner to mop up the crap
  2. Had an ATI 9600 (256MB) that ran the game fine (except for the square bushes) but when I installed my GF 7600 GT (256MB), the game freezes up at spawn in Any fix ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Looks like some one wast to make a screen shot like this one: http:www.tacticalgamerz.com/img/bodies.jpg
  4. Like many games, the console is hidden. To activate it you need to turn it on some where in some file. I am sure as time goes by, there will be a topic on it.
  5. Many threads on this subject already but 1000 more might get the point across to them.
  6. #3. Server options should include "Respawn #". This is the thing that causes most people to yawn and go watch TV.
  7. If you like to play multi player COOP then I would wait until a patch comes out before buying. They need to fix 2 things IMO before I recommend it to friends: 1. The game ending when the commander dies has got to be removed. 2. Host needs to have the OPTION of how many repawns there will be. Of course there are other things for other people but I tell you what; I have never heard "I have to go to bed now" or "I'm going to watch TV now" or the deadly "Yawn" so much as in this game. GRIN was so into the "realism" that they seem to have forgottent the "fun factor". If I wanted this level of hardcore play forced on me all the time, GRIN should have included an electric chair with the game
  8. Did you find yourself saying "Doh! I took the wrong weapon" when playing the game? I would love to see an intel area on top of the weapon selection screen denoting possible enemy armor or aircraft. While it is possible to shoot down helos with rifles, tanks are another story. As custom COOP maps/gun mods start coming out (when ever that will be), there will be too many maps to remember what loadout to take. This has lead to many hosts having to abort the mission and start all over again because no one took MPARs or whatever.
  9. The cool thing about the host being able to choose respawns or not is: You don't have to join that game. But to force a non-option is lame IMO. Some times I want to play tactical and sometimes I want to run 'n gun (in coop mode of course). I just want the host of a coop game be able to decide what kind of game HE/SHE wants to host.
  10. IMO, skins should be server sided only in multiplayer. Otherwise you set yourself up for a host of bright colored uniforms for the enemy with gigantic inverted triagles over their heads saying.."Here I am...kill me please!"
  11. If you are playing with good players, they will be moving slowly. I have seen maps take 1 hour to finish all the way. If you happen to get killed off quickly, you end up watching the game on cross comms or alting out and searching forums...wow, thats fun
  12. Do you think the host should be able to set # of respawns in multiplayer?? Yes = I hate being forced to play "hardcore" all the time. No = I love the fact that if I die, I may have to wait 20 min before I can play again.
  13. For that my friend, we will have to wait until people have the retail version, but I'm assuming that for the most part, the .XML files will be the same.
  14. Look here at the .XML files for most settings (open with notepad): C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\settings
  15. There are 2 things in multiplayer that need to be "fixed" before I spend my hard earned money on GRAW: 1. Get rid of the "Game ends on commander death" in multiplayer (just loose the satellite support etc.). 2. Because of the map sizes, respawning (# set by host..preferred) or 1 respawn per "Single player game save" location. This first option would let those super hardcore players enjoy no respawns ( ) while giving the HOST alternatives to make the game enjoyable for his group. Please bump if you agree.
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