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  1. It was 2001, September. I was reading through some forums when I read about the coming GR game, by the release of the PC Gamer review in the winter of 2001 - I was hyped! I was given a copy by my Godmother for Christmas, I remember the first moment I received it, elated, freaked out, my first tactical shooter! - (Half Life/DOD were the games I played at the time.) Installed the game that Christmas day, beat the game that same day as well. Ever since then, I was hooked. Played it for approximately five years, by 2006-07 I uninstalled the game for OFP/ArmA - I was an on-off clan member of DME for those five years, played numerous 1v1-2v2-3v3+ games throughout those years, saw my share of legit shooters, and handfuls of hackers, never deterred me from playing, always brought me back for more. For me, I was never the "Modern combat" type, but this game took me in, and kept me in for the long run, sure, I played R6 (for a stint), but my transition from Red Orchestra, back to GR, and then ArmA...yeah...Quite the fun. I sure miss Ghost Recon though, I still have the game, and I want to see whats worth playing w/ mods, and such...My brother and I were taking a jog the other day and struck up a heavy conversation about our GR days...
  2. Is the cycle-through enabled in graw 2? Just like [GR]??? Or is it like graw..still. People (from the thread) are saying it feels good...Can I get some screens, gameplay...etc.?
  3. I'll be there...Give me the info!
  4. yeah...I just enjoy the booms....dear god is that brutal
  5. An amazing mod; I really enjoy it!!! I plan to play more with it...see how it flows...Its really great; the weapon skins are clean too...This beats graw any day...thanks!
  6. I wonder how grin is feeling...probably just as good as a punch to the groin....
  7. My first 'modding' is mission designs...I'll see how it goes in the next month...How many mis.'s I can put out...after some testing.. I'll write more in the modding section.
  8. So yes...I rarely posted on Gr.net; I find it odd since I came to this website weekly to check out ghost recon mods, news, etc. and never did I once actually think to post here. Well yeah; when GRAW was put out I had lost my mind and my hope for the future of GRAW and then...Then!! Did I sign up to the forums to post only regrets. Just last week though; I had a sudden itch. An itch for [GR], somewhat like an evil heat...Creeping under my flesh...and ready to explode. After 11 months of not playing GR, I reinstalled the game and gave it a whirl. First thing was first though; dl all the mods I love...as well as the new mods that have been released these past months. I must say...I am still blown out of the water at how good the game is. I have been playing Red orchestra, Il2, helping beta test a few games...and moderating www.armed-assault-zone.com (waiting) as I wait for the game to be released.... As I type this...I stare at the box that has GRAW in it..and I laugh...I laugh with the knowing that a game of almost 5 and a half years of age is still kicking ass! Well yeah; I am ranting..and most of you probably don't care...but I will say one things... I am going to start modding in gr...and stick with it...my bloods boiling..and my mental phallus is protruding...ha! So yes... if its ok...I would like a welcome hug from the gr.net community... Regards, -Enven.
  9. A great mod, I was blown away by the skinning/weapons...Just really enjoyable!!! Thanks for such a great mod! (It feels good to come back to GR!)
  10. How long have you been playing GR? Since 2001 xmas. Stopped playing Since GRAW..Sadly. How much do you play on average? I used to play at least 3-4 hours on average a day..Sometimes more; I used to love MP...I played with DME for a very, very long time. Do you play primarily single-player, multi-player (are there single- and multi-player options?), or online? Multiplayer...Mainly coop/Adversarial/basic shootouts...(brainfart); I played SP when some asswhooping mods came out...but mainly MP.. Are you or do you know anyone who's in any sort of GR group (a clan for instance or a team), and if so, what do you/they do in it? I was in DME: we were basically #1 for a very long time on tag...Very good group of people. We play games.. What do you like best about the GR games? Replaybility/gameplay...The excitement...It was a great all around game. 4 and a half years of playing it..I really didn't get bored..that says a lot. Do you find yourself at all compelled by the narrative/fantasy element of the game (i.e. pretending to be a Captain Mithcell)? I'm not gay. To what degree is one able to customize in GR (weapons and characters and such) and how much do you care about this? I care a lot..the fact that they changed the game up with mods...addons..skins etc...just made everything all the more enjoyable..I loved that game so much... What sorts of external participation do you engage in? Forums...Clans...I used to dress up like a Sudanese man and roam my block... Do you read and/or post to forums (including this one) often, and if so, why? I read gr.net since it was put online...I posted on here recently though because I was sickened by graw...I would have been more active in the gr.net community but I had my clan which had a core group of guys I'd play with. Have you created any sort of GR media -- wallpapers, fan-fics, video clips... etc.? If so, did you make them available online? Yes I made a few wallpapers. Have you ever created informational pages--walkthroughs or characters bios or the like? I wrote a few Walkthroughs for my clan on how to skin etc. Have you ever been to a GR lan party, tournament, or other event? And if the answer to any of the above participation questions was yes, do you know why you engage in this/these activity(-ies)? As in, do you know what you enjoy about them? -No one really lanned GR..except in 02-03' when I put all my gaming friends are gun-point. What other games do you like, and do you participate in those fan communities as well? IRed Orchestra, IL2, ArmA (Release already), HL2 . To what extent do you think your participation in the GR community derives from a desire for closer connection to people, as opposed to closer connection to the game? It doesn't. I enjoy the game without connecting to people..I used resources...yes, but never had to speak to the gr.net community to fully enjoy the game...or connect to it. Do you feel you've gotten to know people through either the game or the fan community? Do you feel you've gotten close to anyone through the game or the fan community? If not, are these things you'd be interested in? -These days it doesnt really matter much anymore; graw is a ruined game..they fubar'd it to the point of no return...I won't even put it on my pc...Its a ###### shame...and a sham! Due to the release...I noticed a drop off...More or less...a decline in gr activity...for many of the people I once played with...its a shame really.
  11. Very nice mod mate. I am really enjoying it a lot...Its good to see how speedy all the modding has been and all the positive updates that the dev's have given...Giving to the community more of a chance to mod; Excellent work dude.
  12. X2 u know all these people that have regestered after the game was released just complain And whats your point?
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