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  1. personally I see no need for it to be opened the patch is out....its public, so whats the point other than give the whiners something else to kevetch about?
  2. got the same "expired key" and dont want to register at another site jsut to get this
  3. I utterly & absolutely 100% without reservation AGREE its needed the SA server & a working AC is the ONLY thing that can boost GRAW into match quality playability I just think their "boycott" has squat all to do with it except for POSSIBLY making them release the news earlier
  4. I was on their boards when all this happened.......quite honestly? I doubt it had much to do with it at all look at your own admitted time line "Six days after the article IW made the annoucement about adding Punkbuster" 6 days? do you HONESTLY think any sort of business decision was made in 6 days? it was already in the works when their supposed "boycott" was being touted...they MIGHT have pushed them to release the news faster...but thats all am I in support of them fixing the AC? ***ABSO-######-LUTELY*** do I think any sort of lock out or boycott does any good? no
  5. would have voted YES if I'd seen it in time and as the GRAW Competition Director for Team Warfare League? I can 100% promise you it'll be looked at as cheating get caught on a car or wall? or walking thru solid objects? "competition ban"...pretty words arent they?
  6. exactly....lived thru this in MoH...why do it again the more "custom options" you give players, the more ways the find to cheat
  7. I think just the ones for your teammates did, honestly I dont remember
  8. you must be looking in the wrong spots...most of my clan is over 30 (with a few close & some youngsters sprinkled in) and we have no probs coming up with the $$ for multiple servers....
  9. personally I liked the recoil in RvS.....but I can adapt to almost any SKILL based system (the random deviation of BF2 makes me gag)
  10. added my vote on jungle, basically because we know that urban is going to be most of it so far..... however an "all of the above" vote would have been nice least fav of the bunch would be MOUNTAIN snow (snow anywhere else would be great....more of a texture than a "map choice" to me) I like the slower more tactical points of having to move thru heavy cover as a counter point to the CQB of urban maps
  11. time spent would come to mind my 1st post here, but wanted to thank GRIN for all the replies and for listening to feedback UBI being involved still scares me (I was sched to run Lockdown for Team Warfare League), but it looks good so far see you on the battlefield
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