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  1. Thanks, I was able to get the free version. Now I guess I have to figure out how to find multiplayer online unless it's something done via invitation.
  2. I hope I don't get shot for asking this question as I'm sure many have already asked. I have never purchased the original, but have played it on the xbox back in early 2000s. Since then I moved onto various games like Joint Operations, Armed Assauilt, GR:AW (PC) and others but was just curious about the old version since that has always been my favorite. I did make quite a few missions for GR:AW as Rocky can attest to :-) Anyway just curious on what groups hang in this OGR game. Also, if there is a download for it feel free to send my way. Have a great weekened!
  3. Hey hey hey!!! You found me. At the time I was working on a mission called Road to Anger and it was changed at the last minute to become Road to Reaper. There was a clan that had a sudden death in the group and asked that I dedicate a map to them. So I changed the name Road to Anger and created AW09 Road to Reaper. AW just means Advanced Warfighter and the # is just a number of the map I was working on at the time ) In that map you will see a wall with messages from some of his fellow members as well as a memorial on a corner. Now that map has some slight issues regarding lag because of all the cars and explosive objects so if anyone wants to tweek it please do so. I left SCE because of some areas I disagreed with and created my own group Urban Task Force, but recently we were spammed so registration was removed, lol. If you have any further questions feel free to email me at tomanger@comcast.net AW08 I believe was a combination of AW05 AW06 and AW07. I put them all together for a large scale mission. The center point of AW06 was a bottle neck for some cool battle. Unfortunately I cannot find this mission anywhere on my pc. The CORE clan did run it for some time so you may want to refresh their memory on Tom Anger GRAW maps and if they know if they have this missing map. To be honest it is too large and needs at best 16 player to make a great session. By the way if anyone wants to setup some night to have a GRAW gaming night I will see if I am available. These maps took time to make and are real fun to play.
  4. 8 would be great. I prefer ACE if you are planning that.
  5. Nice work zeealice. Keep up the good work bud.
  6. This post/reply explains why I am considering the GR:FS, where I think UBIsoft fails, and some basic suggestions. Probably words on dead eyes for gamemakers, but oh well... I would consider this a decent read... Some of the words or statements may sound familar because it may sound like some of us gamers, lol. This is opinion only and I am sure someone will take the words and twist them for an argument, but oh well..... WHY GR:FS may be my next game I outline many reasons below why I would not want to go for UBIsoft's next GRAW game, however, I am at a crossroads where I honestly don't feel like playing much until the fall. I have no problem playing a game that has drones, stealth camo, and a couple other assets that bring options to a game even if it isn't 100% realistic. I may be biting my tongue, but I am considering this as my next game to play. Not really giving much reason why other than that I do enjoy the gaming effects that UBIsoft puts out in a basic shooter game and haven't experienced any chaotic gameplay like I have experienced in other games. I have wasted much more than $60.00 over the months so I don't look at the $60.00 as a waste if that is what they sell it for. I am sure I will find some cool stuff with the game for what it's worth. UBI Soft What is wrong with you? I've made the announcement over the past year or 2 that I would never purchase another UBIsoft game mainly on the reasons that they slack on updates (changes & fixes), server tools were below expectations, lack in anti-cheat info, lack in global stats, etc. Problem is not many games have great resources like this. Yes some do, but not all and the balance comes with how you actually enjoy the game with friends (i.e. coops, and regular sessions with a group you trust). There are always going to be the jerks that cause for an unhappy time. Then comes the need for server admins, etc., etc. I used to call UBIsoft games UBscrewed if you buy them. I said there is no way you can fix GRAW or GRAW 2 because as the saying goes, "you can't polish a terd" I gave up with GRAW after playing it for over a year (back in 2007), after bringing forth around 10 real nice thought-out missions, and now find myself coming back a bit just to wind down away from some of the other chaotic games out there. Never bought GRAW 2 based on my feelings with how GRAW 1 turned out. I am one of the veteran [GR] gamers and at this point find it very hard to believe that a game maker will ever bring the [GR] games back to make money. They have to consider many obstacles, one being the new generation that is here, and another on the way. I am almost positive this comes up in corporate meetings. I do wish they would bring [GR] back, but just don't see that happening, so what then? Done with UBIsoft - now what? I've moved on and played COD 4, ArmA 1, ArmA 2, HL2: Insurgency, Americas Army, Frontlines Fuel Of War, BF:BC2 and a few others. None of these I continue to play. They lasted a few short months. I made various missions using the HL2 Unreal Editor, HAMMER, ArmA missions, etc., so I have spent some $$$ and time. What I am finding is most of these games still wind up with groups moving on to some other game 4-6 months later. Little remain, but most move on. Sounds familiar, lol. I do know that those that move on sometimes move on to take a break then come back or go to the next level (i.e. COD 4 to COD 5, COD 4 MW2, BF 2, BF 2142, etc) I believe BF and COD has a stable following (there are a few others, but just to make a point), meaning when they put out a new game they do well on $$$ based on previous titles. Ghost Recon started out great, but when they moved to the GRAW series all seemed well, but then there was a sense of failure. I could be wrong, but I think some of the failure was its the lack in support. I am not UBIsoft corporate (I don't want to speak for them), but I think if they want any of the GR games to make a comeback they may want to consider more support for this series with specifics on what they are doing to couple the original GR assets and the new games they are puting out. There are wonderul folks out there who play the original GR and provide excellent work keeping it alive!!! UBI Soft - please consider the following Although some may think this, the gamemakers aren't all that dumb, but there are always areas for improvement. Here are some thoughts or suggestions: Make the game with mod capabilities in mindAllow gamers to have the ease to modify skins using an in-game interface (i.e. tweek the soldier's head, uniform, weapon, etc.). This gives folks the ability to customize their soldier's content a bit and some gamers enjoy that. I consider it a plus. Include a mission editor. If one cannot be ready for the game release, promise one to come out shortly and provide regular updates on the progress until it is available. Allow ways for those great modders to be able to modify the in-game sounds, pack them up, and release for gamers without making the game think it has been hacked. There are some modders out there that would keep the game alive longer than you think with these basics being allowed. [*]Server Admin Support - Make the in-game tools user friendly and provide enough tools to modify the server as follows: To control the FS assets (exoskelton, Stealth Camo, drones, etc). Either on/off, or limitted. A default setting to bring the game to an old ghost recon state. I know this is highly unlikely, but a very limitted setting that makes you have soldiers, com equipment, and the basics you see in the [Ghost Recon]. To setup the game for friendly competition. Auto-Balancing, passwords, etc. Make it easy for clans/groups to place various messages for the server message to give gamers a place to build their gaming community. Failure to do this hurts community efforts. [*]Server or Global Stat capabilities - Yes people can track their stats on servers via Gametracker and other methods, however, if you ignore the fact that there are stat whores out there and focus on the gamers that like to see their progress - others like to be able to track stats such as Kill-to-Deaths, points, and other stats. A stats feature would help in my opinion. Don't care about stats, don't use them. [*]Anti-Cheat system - huge and is something that will turn gamers away quick if one cannot be produced. In some cases people may look to player stats (see previous bullet) for potential hackers. You can definitely put up red flags on some who have outrageous stats. They are either padding or cheating. Either way, I don't think gamers would want a player who does that on their server because both cases are considered cheating by most. I accept the fact that some gaming companies look at returns on time spent vs how much $$$ is generated. For sure there will be alot of advertisement going out during the Sports games on TV, Ultimate Fighter events, and other high profile broadcasts and all that costs a pretty penny I do think that time spent on some of the items above, along with opinions from other folks with gaming integrity could be great concepts for the pc gaming community and the Ghost Recon franchise. Most gamers I know who are die hard [GR] gamers would say GRAW, GRAW 2, etc are not in their opinion part of the Ghost Recon franchise, but apparently they are, lol. Anyway - long post, my appologies. That is my curse.... I hope the game provides some enjoyable gameplay for gamers.
  7. I wouldn't say the video is exactly how the game will look. UBIsoft does a great job with video and promos, then the game comes out and it is not the same. Not to say the game isn't promising though...
  8. Nice - keep me in the loop - would love to try out a session with you folks. I created Siege, but that requires at minimum 16 players or you are wasting fun time ) I also created Hamburger Hill which I call King of the Hill. I worked close with SBS Mac who wrote a wizard to make missions, even coops. Just plug the values you want and boom - instant mission. BTW - I am looking forward to GRFS, but not getting my hopes up ) [staff Edit: - Quoted text removed - No need to quote text if you are replying to the last post]
  9. To be quick here. There was plenty right with GRAW. I loved the sounds, smoke effects, realism of destroying cars, barrels, etc. I think some things that hurt the game was ability for competitive gaming, server controls when it came out, and a few other options to tailor servers for fun tactical gaming. The gameplay got a bit boring after a while and I think the community at one point started to drop off for other games. I don't have many high hopes of UBI soft being a part of GR. I said I would never give them another shot. I am starting to come around and think about considering GR:FS, but honestly I would love to see a remake of original GR with enhanced graphics, similar gameplay with tools to customize servers for Hardcore gameplay, include a global stats system so that folks can monitor their own activity and efforts, plus tools for matching.
  10. I'm almost done with the missions. No addons required. BLUFOR has to capture the Siege Area or eliminate the OPFOR side. OPFOR must defend the SIEGE area or eliminate the BLUFOR side. All done in 20 minutes. I am also heading up an organized league for open and scheduled challenges to see what groups are interested in becoming experts in Siege tactics in ArmA 2. Here is an old blurb with map layouts. Some of them have changed since I created this, but you get the idea http://urclan.org/images/siege_event.jpg I may follow up on a new post regarding the league. The website/database is very profesional which is why I have considered helping out. There is a match finder, player/team spotlight, and more. Happy Gaming...
  11. ArmA has a genuine coop and MP experience and I believe a 4-12 player coop, even MP is very fun. I have the GR sounds in my Custom Audio Sound pack. This gives you the ability to communicate with other players and use commands like -In Position -Enemy Down - "Kill Confirmed" -Roger ...and others I use these everytime I play to communicate. Here is a link to get those sounds and others. http://shadowcompanyelite.com/forum/index....amp;showfile=31 Some folks have created a Ghost Recon coop map (search on armaholic maps for it), but I don't think it did well (could have been the scripter or overall objectives - not sure). I am stuck on the WARFARE gameplay which can be played either via Coop (with the great work of doomguy and his WACO cooperative Warfare) or Player vs Player. For anyone who doesn't understand WARFARE you start with supply points and each soldier has money. The objective is to destroy the enemy Headquarters. I highly suggest supplimenting WARFARE with the latest Expansion mod to come out for ArmA which is the A.C.E. Mod. You get to carry bandages, epinephine, morphine, etc. You can launch a UAV in the sky and using your laptop get a clear picture of enemy down below which can help you coordinate tactics, you can release your parachute at an altitude of your choice, and more. I am scripting the WACO map to have custom loadouts for various classes (Frontlines Soldiers, SF Recon Soldiers, and more) and am going to eventually place this in a custom island for some nice games. Light - I think you know how to reach me bro. http://arma.shadowcompanyelite.com To find our ArmA server just search the lobby for Shadow Company Elite. We are mostly running the A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment game so you would need it and be running it only to access the server. Good stuff.
  12. When the details are figured out Rocky will not have any problem making it a main page news item, but frontline discussions for ideas on what it will be, how to handle it, existing squads that are involved, etc. Nice reply on the bracket pic - that was a bracket I setup which took a while to implement, but after a long month or 2 it finished, lol. I have given Irish Stout a couple of ideas I had, one being a GHOSTBUSTER tourny which is more laid back and 1 team is the ghost as the other teams chase them to take that title. This effort will take everyone to make it happen so don't let the idea die out, make it fun, and most of all work together to enjoy some good memories. Timezones and grouping them may help.
  13. Is it just me or did the game only come with Castle? Do I have to go through the campaign to unlock the maps? Just curious... Is there a file to modify to get them all opened? I have people who want to own me in some maps...
  14. I got the download to work this time. It may have been a combination of things, but in the end I think your last download worked. I uninstalled the GR I had from the other download, then reinstalled with the internode one. Thanks.
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