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Ghost Recon Intros - PC/ XBOX / Gamecube


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Hey all,

I want to start this thread to help dig up the various versions of the Ghost Recon intro video that were found on different platforms.

So far I can confirm that there are three different intro's.

The PC version:

This version used footage from within the game to make the cinematics.


The Xbox version:

Used pre-rendered footage (CGI) instead of in game footage:

(need to find link to video)

The Gamecube version:

Used pre-rendered and ingame footage mixed together and at a lower quality video level so that the Gamecube coudl handle it.


If anyone knows of other intros let me know , was there a PS2 version?

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Well, there was only a PC, Mac, Xbox, PS2 and GC version. I can't quite recall if PS2 used the same intro as Xbox or not ...

Note PS2 got the only "exclusive" expansion Jungle Storm so there is a seperate intro for that.

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Apologies if there is a duplicate thread, perhaps a mod could merge them?

I am really in need of getting the Xbox video , if all fails I will have to dig out my Xbox and capture it through my TV in :)

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The intro for the Gamecube version was the same as the PS2.. all mission had those nice end of mission vids as well.

This is the version that got me into the series..rented Ghost Recon and Conflict Desert Storm that weekend, ended up enjoying and buying both.

Cube version had some interesting quirks, the action part of the theme played in the video would kick in at times of action (after a kill or when a shootout started). The maps were the full versions of the maps as well unlike the edited versions seen on Xbox.

The Cube version had one of its buttons designated for setting waypoints on the fly, you just point and press and off they go. Made the game move a little quicker.

The only real annoyance of the Cube version was that they ran out of buttons and didnt plan a proper zoom out button, when wounded youd end up having to hold down a trigger then press down on the right stick to zoom out..

ah memories.

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