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  1. I really believe the AI accuracy isn't as bad as GR fans have made it out to be, in fact I believe if the AI accuracy is such an issue then you may not be playing the game right. Everytime I rush through a mission by either using the sprint button or engaging anyone I see, I get whipped by the AI. But If i'm careful and taking my time by recon first and engaging enemies I know I can overpower, I can finish missions on Elite without losing a single ghost.
  2. both times were with AI teammates! i remember i got stuck on a rock once and i kept killing myself with grenades so i could respawn somewhere different. that was the only time I didnt wan't AI reviving me lol
  3. this doesn't really bother me, out of the 2 playthroughs ive done i really dont recall a time my teammates were unable to revive me. however with the new solo mode i wonder how this will work.
  4. couldn't agree more. the base game itself is well worth the $60 price tag, the 2 expansions are well worth the $15 each. now year 2 with free updates?! this is incredible. yeah, this game has loads of optional microtransactions but the meat and potatoes of the game have never been apart of that.
  5. I will give MGSV the edge for stealth gameplay. The AI is way more dynamic, bodies can be hidden, and there are way more tools available to support stealth gameplay. That being said I'm not a fan of the MGS story. The cooky Japanese story telling is only made worse by the game literally forcing it on you. Yeah, some of the outposts may be better until you realize you capture the same ones multiple times each throughout the game. The world is just corridors masking as an open world in between the same outposts. The shooting feels way to loose and using anything but tranquilizers is pointless because the game encourages non lethal playthroughs. And of course there's the horrible grinding feature (motherbase) to unlock nearly everything. Who wants to farm research staff, gather materials, then wait 3 whole days to develop/unlock a water pistol? Overall polish has also been a strong point of the MGS series. Konami/Kojima really have a knack for the small details. MGSV and it's Fox engine has given me the smoothest gameplay experience i've ever had. Animations and overall fluidity are bar none. Sadly all of this is irrelevant because MGSV is an unfinished game that was sold for full price. Wildlands was sold as a finished project and to this day still has patches and new content. There's no comparison there.
  6. Personally I felt Far Cry was a decent concept weighed down by a lame story you were forced to participate in and it wasn't really sure if it was an open world fps rpg or on rails fps. Wildlands gave us the whole "capture outposts" gameplay free from strings attached found in games like Far Cry or Metal Gear Solid 5. It took the best parts from those games and added tacticool realism that had really been absent in the gaming world. Wildlands had no filler, it was a to the point "capture outpost" game, repetitive yes, but total freedom also yes. it doesnt suffer from an identity crisis like many other Ubisoft games do. I'm not saying its a 10/10 best game ever but I am saying its a game that knows what it is and is very enjoyable.
  7. I still fail to see why there's still hate against this game especially from GR diehards. Is it OGR 2.0? No. But it is way better than anything that came after GR, any competitors, and even better and more polished than ARMA. Think it's too easy? turn off all the hud elements and up the difficulty. The game gives you a ginormous map and you're free to play it as you see fit. It's a good game in it's own right and really scratches that tactical with freedom itch we all have.
  8. has anyone here tried the No Crosshairs Add-on mod? i cant seem to get it working and i've tried both the 16x9 and 16x10 options. to clarify I'm trying to get rid of the red crosshairs and use only the reticles in the optics; i assume that is the function of the no crosshairs mod..
  9. Want to say thanks again for taking the time to create the the Legacy add-on and going the extra mile and including a bunch of small add-ons for players to customize the game how they want. Not that I dislike HU 1.0 and the amazing additions but I feel more at home using the Legacy add-on. Part of GR's appeal to me has been the original music, the look and feel of the interface, and of course the pre 9/11 military equipment. in the past I have tried creating my own "Legacy" mod but never got to the standard of HU. Legacy is everything I've ever wanted in a GR mod.
  10. Have you heard anything from any other GR devs? I've always wondered how the original team felt about how the series went and the impact modders have on their game.
  11. well dang apex! this was a nice treat to see! i played a little last night when i had time and i must say awesome work.\ i saw you changed the difficulty names. veteran has now become realism. is this the intended difficulty for HU? (I had always been playing on elite thinking that was the "way" to play) i also noticed more high res map textures, is the eventual goal to overhaul every map or is this just eliminating outdated textures? i look forward to playing the new campaign mission i saw! i spoiled myself with testing the map but im going to leave the actual mission a surprise.
  12. CHOO CHOO! I honestly wasn't expecting a release this soon!
  13. A year later how does everyone feel about Wildlands?
  14. i have a very fast SSD and my windows boot time is almost non existent. however HU does take a good several seconds to load up. your miles may vary but just be patient
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