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  1. Still not for me, Ubisoft have essentially merged Splinter Cell / Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon into , "Generic Ubisoft Shooter game". Bring back hardcore tactical shooters where you get punished for doing the smallest things.
  2. GhostRecon.net is maybe the second / third result on Google and Bing. It has 14 years worth of legacy with a game that was part of the golden era of FPS gaming. When I started work on my ArmA 3 mod, the first place I thought of coming to for support was here. Not the Ubiforums or BIS forums. Stay the course!
  3. Dropbox link is added now, feel free to have a play around with the two missions.
  4. Yea the RHS weapons are night and day compared to CUP. Shame they don't have a BDU uniform available.
  5. Understood, I will do some experimenting with RHS stuff tomorrow. With CUP I have flexibility for terrains and vehicles. Perhaps there is a happy medium with CUP terrains and RHS for uniforms and kit?
  6. Thanks for the offer I PM'd you Here's a few screenshots of the kind of loadouts I predone using CUP addons. The plan would be to keep using the CUP weapons as they are good but improve the uniforms and other smaller things (no points reinventing the wheel). Still on the fence about whether to use PASGTs or the new ECH helmets.
  7. I will do I really suck at texturing, I ended up recycling a BDU from ArmA 2 which was made open. In terms of scripting I am comfortable but always looking to get any help or suggestions. I have setup a Trello board for dev management (yay agile!) https://trello.com/b/jt2hH33l
  8. Bombs away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWqoCvYUURw
  9. Hey folks, Just a quick announcement about an Arma 3 mod I am working on, partly inspired by Lightspeeds missions. A way way, way back I posted about developing a mod for ArmA 3 which captivated the feel of Ghost Recon. Now about 4 years later after messing around on other stuff and life in general I have a basic mod working and clumped together. I've put the source files (minus sound files) on Github and can send out a link to the addon on Dropbox (pm me) Github Repo: https://github.com/bat26/the_ghosts Dev / Feature tracker: https://trello.com/b/jt2hH33l Dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/55c9wo1bfnr64tq/AADScrZiJ82LXDv62uQxMCzwa?dl=0 Looking for any help or collaboration. The end goal is a framework that lets people create missions with as close a feel to Ghost Recon 1. Cheers,
  10. To ZeeAlex and anyone else that is interested. JS Eurostile is the font used for Ghost Recon games Source - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/105134-Ghost-Recon-font-Forums When I get back home I could redo the GR logo and make it into a workable PSD for everyone! -loosebruce
  11. RIP Netiquette Can you make plugins for IPboard? I know you can for vbull. I ask only because I am now tempted to write a plugin that detects ALL caps.
  12. Will PM you more details of my ideas! Sorry I did not mean to Hijack this thread, just thought I would share a cool idea I have been thinking about to try and give life to GR2 for the PC, as it never had the chance thanks to Ubisoft. A mod I think is the only way to do this as the community here does not have the manpower to start from scratch with an engine. Although if you were to pick an egine I would say Cryengine 3.
  13. I have been considering planning a Ghost Recon style campaign for ARMA 3 when it is released. I know some people will be reluctant because of the Graphical Demand the ARMA engine requires on computers. However this is now 2012 and with the improvement in the engine a gaming PC from 2009-10 ($790-1000) would be more than enough to handle the game. What I plan to do is take Ghost Recon 2 to the PC using the mission concepts but alter the storyline to fit the units available (instead of NKA it would be Iranian). Coupled with the futuristic weapons in ArmA 3 i think it would go well together and with the new animations and effects. This is still mostly a pipe dream and I can't really begin to do any work until ArmA 3 comes out at the end of the year.
  14. A group of international people who have come together to form an organisation to play games.
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