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Irish Army mod


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1) that last pic of Steyr/M203 you posted has different M203 mounting system then the one with MEPRO 21 reflex scope.

Do IAWR use both versions?

2)Can you be more speciffic about those 9X and 7X scopes used? Or better yet, can you get me some pics?

3)Also, can you find some pics of Steyr carbine with suppressor and suppressor and M203? I'm not sure it's the same one we have in Op.S.

As for most of the versions, they are prety much done...adding new scopes and attachments won't be a big problem.

the last 1 is a pic was the concepit modle for the styer m203 i got it from hear

http://world.guns.ru/assault/as20-r.htm its not used by the ARW just used it to show how the handmade handle looks like

not shur of the make of the scopes but this is the day night scope on an AI 92

unit_sniper_small.jpg ill try and dig up more about the scopes and the SD carbine m203


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Cool Pic Nova - loved the Steyr in the photo - not as good as Aussie Steyrs - but that's because I'm biased... :lol:

Aussie Steyrs might be beter but the irish cammo looks berer :lol:

ps. your right the steyr rules


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the Ruger 10/22 carbine /Ruger 10/22 carbine SD was yoused before the mp5

you might want to add it .it somethig diffrent

hear are some pics




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its a prity old gun its a .22 magnum not 9mm so it has way more range and accuracy

it was fased out in the late70 erly 80s Predator that gun is older than you

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