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  1. the fact that u have to take every thread and turn it into a debate is really sad and pathetic the fact that the staff here continues to let you do so isnt good at all. its almost like after someone posts something your the gr.net editor and u determine what gets posted and what doesnt and u have to be the one that tells them its wrong or you start along argument that usually gets the thread locked. i thought you grew out of this role, i was wrong. after i found that pic, i felt the same as SN, but it was just wasnt cool, it was still a shocker.
  2. kewl, what did i type above the pic??? what were the words i used??? it wasnt to start an argument, esp. with you, again.
  3. well since kewl hasnt changed, i didnt want this to turn into an argument of his, again, ill post it in another thread.
  4. hatchet, i think u should start writting short stories, detailed just like that for us guys who are sittin on the bench state side wanting to play ball with the rest of the team. i like hearing stories like this. also i think its easy to forget that 1 has a 203 to fire off when u have target aqusition (spelling?) and letting rounds down range.
  5. if u broke it, u had to pay for it? couldnt you just dx it?
  6. its called 500 mileanhour tape and its used on 5-ton trucks tow'n how's in convoys boy u guys are silly
  7. Your ex GF? I must be out of the loop... 1 of my x's
  8. freemont is pretty faraway but kingston is up the street and my x-gf is from there.
  9. cough-cough tried that cough-cough need big pics for these guys dont forget were Atillerymen thanks mike, theyre big enough .
  10. hatchet, were doing some imt trng, do u know of any places on the net to download pics of hand and arm signals etc.? well sized pics?
  11. 500 mile an hour tape is good to have handy but to keep it on your but stock seems 8-up (in some units appearance is everything its annoying sometimes too). i mean what happens when u run out of the stuff on the stock? wouldnt something like go in your ruck or buttpack? just a question im asking incase the state of new hampshire ever lets us go and play with the guys in the sand. when ever someone tells you never to volunteer for anything in the army do what they say.
  12. do u have a pic of one? sometimes theyre used for markings,name, unit,etc.
  13. couldnt say it anybetter whiteknight77 argyll you can be my bodyguard
  14. @cs, i said, i heard that but wasnt sure and i was only adding that the fbi/dea acd. is also on a mil. base but i wasnt sure about the nsa. do i need to come down there and give you some gunbunny lovin?????????????????????? its not everyday u find out someone has these phone numbers in their day planner. but since u said u were interested in getting a job there thats cool. when i went to the fbi acd. i found out that it takes 3-4 years as a reg. agent to get on the HRT team and when we crossed the streets to the dea acd. they have no special team they just use local swat or rangers/seals. did i show the pic of me on a HRT little bird? also since most of the detainees were picked up under terrorism not actual military armies i think they are under something else, oh yes, i remember now, its the bush law of 9/11, myob and byob, its gonna be fun gettin these guys to talk. btw im voting for bush he gives me raises.
  15. @kewl, i think what u want to hear is the US is loosing soldiers and we need to hire civi contractors to help us fight wars. that type of label is placed on us Guardsman and reservists = civilian soldier. i dont care what civi contractor is doing, he is not, on the ground killing insurgents/former iraqi armies along side the Army or Marines. i dont think thatll happen, kewl. im trying to help him with that but not sure if its working. kewl i mean really, these contractors are doing admin stuff and security details thats all. they're not, hired "private armies" to kill iraqis or shadows of the US military. argyll already said these contractors get paid more money, the US Military will not hire civis to do the jobs their soldiers can do and most of it is not a soldiers job.
  16. they didnt pull the trigger, they were there only to observe and correct any problems if the thing failed or broke.
  17. its not my opinon, its what i think. my opinon would be something like: it should be this way or that way or you should do this or do that. tryin to be funny here guess it didnt work.
  18. we would not, have a hard time filling anything, im trying to tell you something but youre not reading through the lines. I know that civis work along side the navy and airforce on many things and the army too like predator drones and such and yes they might even go with them on a mission to make sure they perform correctly aswell as with the navy and air force, but these guys dont have enough military experience to be used in any other way xcept for the roles they are doing now. alot of things are happening with the N.G. and reserves and we will be doing alot of restructuring. civis can not be compared to our military, no matter what they do. we have enough soldiers do everything we want to do, hope that eases your worry for my country.
  19. if the us gov't wanted to hire civis to do certain things like guard people, places or things they could. they can lable it anyway they wanted too and use what ever money they wanted to, to pay for it. take the CIA,NSA for example, theyre both civi Gov't agencies but they hire former military to run and supervice certain things during the war and i wouldnt be surprised if they use present military forces to provide them with help. Yes the CIA,NSA can contract out help from other civi organizations to perform some things. I was even once told that the DEA uses seals and rangers to help close cases. like i said b4 the word contractor or tech is widely spread.
  20. Not Mount Pleasant Airfield? mpa= mass parking apron air force lingo
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