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  1. As I am the team's wep man, I reckon it falls into my domain. SCAR-H bird sound; strangely, I had the same problem long time ago, when making my Croatian Army mod. To keep the mod's size down, I didn't include sound files into the mod for my FN FAL, but rather let the engine look for it in DS sound folder. I had the exact same effect (birds chirping sound) when firing the weapon. What we did for Armenia was exactly the same; as SCAR-H is 7,62mm NATO cal, just as FN FAL, I used those sounds for SCAR. We didn't include the sounds but let the engine "pull" them from DS. I can't claim that the issue is related to that particular sound, but it seems it sure happens a lot around it. The fix might be done with a patch that will rename the sounds and include them into the mod's sound folder. I'll try to coordinate with GiWeDa and release all the fixes in one patch.
  2. Rook, thanks for the info...serves me right for not checking my gun dealer on regular basis. I'll have to check for HS2000 45ACP availbility and prices here in Croatia...also not sure what should I do with my 9mm...sell it or keep it. (I really love the gun and would actually hate to sell it.) Right now I'm burning all my extra cash on accessories for my VN800 Classic, so 45 will have to wait...but I'll get it, eventually
  3. Rook, Ruin, ever considered HS2000 (Springfield XD in US)? Cheaper then Glock, simmilar features and just as reliable. Comes in 9mm, 40SW, 357SIG and as of recently 45GAP. (still no 45ACP... ) Off topic; Rook, any advice on what a good scope mount for AK-47 would be? Considering that one can't just mount a scope on top of the rear of the gun, as it is a removable cover, so every time one would strip down a gun, the scope would get missaligned and needed to be zeroed-in all over again...
  4. On a long road to modernize it's army, and make it compatible to NATO standards, Croatia is about to purchase 128 wheeled armoured vehicles. (the original plan was to buy 200 pieces, but due to financial reasons, the first purchase batch will count "only" 128 vehicles). Croatia will keep M-84 and M-84A1 tanks, but retire all of the old T-55 tanks, and implement heavy wheeled APCs in their place. The final choice will be made between Finish Patria 8x8 and Austrian Pandur II 8x8. Both vehicles are currently being tested to the extreme by Croatian army before the choice is made. I'd like to hear everyone's 2 cent on one or both vehicles and which one has the upper hand.
  5. As GiWeDa said, Mission; Afghanistan is on hold right now, but not dropped. I won't lie to you; at one point, we did think of dropping the mod, as it was a big project and GR3 seemed right around the corner, the community seemed to have dissapeared and/or lost interest in GR mods altogether... But dammit, too much work has been invested in it, so we are going to finish and release it. Armenia SCARed mod should be released any day now. It will be followed by a special project of GiWeDa and me, which should start a whole new ball rolling for GR....you guys just have to wait a few more days and see.... After those two mods released, we are returning to Mission: Afghanistan. Current status of the mod is quite promising- all weapons and characters are done, as are all the vehicles and most of the maps (yes maps-plural...again, by Cobaka ) I had some complicated ideas for the campaign, so I loaded quite a task in GiWeDa's lap...but he has improved his scripting abilities 10 fold during past few month, so I trust there will be no more scripting enigmas for him... As soon as the work on the mod continues, we'll update the mod's thread!
  6. Thanks a lot...I'll try it that way.
  7. A silly question comming from me..but...does anyone remember what a projectile .qob has to be tagged like? I made one a long time ago and it seems like I deleted it, so I can't open it in max and check for myself....
  8. Maybe? MAYBE?! HELL, YES! Consider it put in the mod...the truck is going to it's overdue retirement...
  9. I have one more wep to finish, it's something we decided to put in rather late... I expect the mod to be finished by the end of September... Oh, SC, the OTHER mod we discussed over PM is almost finished too.. ..would you like to beta-test it?
  10. There's also a working knife weapon in operation Stabilise that I made...
  11. I'll still lough at Ty's life... (sorry, mate, I couldn't resist...but you know I'm loughing with you, not at you... )
  12. I created this to replace in-game AK-47s we used to equip tangos.... You can expec the mod to be released during this summer....
  13. Something I created to replace in-game AK-47s and alike in upcoming Armenia SCARed mod soon to be released by Cobaka, GiWeDa and me...
  14. The mod is currently "on ice", but not dead by any chance- we just temporarely put all our efforts in finishing and releasing Armenia mod (a working title- most likely the mod will be named "Armenia SCARed"). The mod should be finished, tested and released sometime during July, then we'll switch back to Mission; Afghanistan. On the side note; free image host I'm currently using will cancel free hosting by the end of the month, so unless I find a new host real quick, you can expect all posted images not to work till I fix the problem...
  15. LOL..somebody said "brake a leg" and he took it literally....
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