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  1. A walkt hrough one of the single player missions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLKKBCj7SkU
  2. Just caught this over at gametrailers. Looks like turret sequences are back.
  3. Ubisoft has hired Oscar winning directors Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy, for $10m to make a live action film based on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Oscar winners making GR movie short
  4. Hi Guys. I was late to the [GR] party, but even if it was dated I fell in love. I'm not a regular poster here but have always followed what has gone in the GR community. With GR 2, GRAW 1&2 I was never completely happy with the final product but I did find elements that I did enjoy, however this teaser has left me completely disenfranchised with the GR series. Ubi has recently gone about updating there franchises with some sucesses and some failures. Assassins Creed 2 my personel Game of the year. I understand that they are try to expand their market appeal but this is really a slap in the face. They have so many options to take this franchise and yet they take the route that will burn so many hardcore GR fans. I wouldn't even consider myself one of the "hardcore" but I feel so burned! There such a huge market for "modern warfare" as we saw last year I can't understand why they chose this direction. I thought I would be the last one to say this but .........RIP GR.
  5. Calgar99


    Hi guys i know GR4 wasn't shown but did Ubi show off any tech that could be used a reference at GDC?
  6. Would people prefer a matchmaking system ala halo 3 or Cod 4, or would you prefer to stick to the lobby system? I'm asking because after the last dlc that was realeased I could not find any coop games. So either there were no one playing it or the lobby system is not as reliable as one would like.
  7. Its actually impressive what you can do with that editor. Does xbox live not have some rules regarding user generated content? I vaguely remember there were some issues with Unreal Tournament.
  8. I'd prefer the coop to be seperate from singleplayer. Some of my best experiences with coop on the console has been with Graw and Splinter cell:Chaos theory. These were levels designed specificly for co-operative play. Coop tacked on to single player ends up, for me anyway, far less enjoyable. Only problem is that you generally don't get enough content on the disc and end up forking out more for dlc.
  9. Wells its offical Halo Recon. Ive always been a big Halo fan. (Its like a Star Wars thing for me). Anyway Im pretty excited about the change in direction. Just a shame its gonna be released fall of next year.
  10. I only play for coop. Since the second dlc Ive struggled to find a game. So havn't touched it in a long time.
  11. yeah I'm having trouble findng games on coop with any new maps. Generally there are 4 or 5 hosted games playing the launch maps, which is a bit of a disappointment.
  12. Gave it a quick run through last night. its good to be able to play through classic missions but i wish they implemented random enemy spawn points. The game can turn from moving stealthly across a map reconing and taking out enemy patrols to just learning the scripting. Kinda takes the fun out out of it Also couldnt find a game on live but thats to be expected with no annoucements or hype until the pack was launched.
  13. In single player main menu there is an option to switch DLC weapons on or off. When I downloaded mine it was switched to off. I beleive it is under options.
  14. Well its up in Ireland.... downloading now.
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