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  1. Well laddy about 100 years ago the brits had us irishmen forced into the british army so I guess its your turn to ether go or be locked up. If your looking for pitty you get it from an irishman like myself
  2. Here ya go laddy Seamus Mullins Micheal O'Conner Conner O'Relly Liam Kelly Patty Fitzgerald Sean McDonagh There you go
  3. Is there any lad or lassie around who can mod like Chems,BJB,or any of the top notch lads to make an Irish Army mod?
  4. keep it up Bravo you da man!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hey Chems why dont you put like a head set on the desert troops like the ones over in Iraq that would be awsome
  6. AK-74,M-16,M-16/203,RPK-74,AN-94,MP-5,AKS-74,AK-47,SA-8,and L-96. i'm not a real FAL fan
  7. hello I'm former SCO and i'm looking to join a co-op clan
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