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  1. Aries

    ShellShock Nam'67

    you need serious help YOU ACCUALLY LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!! ← no but it was a good touch in the game
  2. The US has always disregarded the rules of war but pounds everyone else who breaks them. EDIT Wow, what an arrogant remark. If you can't stand being disagreed with, don't start threads like this.
  3. I'd rather have a bullet in the liver than be burned alive
  4. Thats like saying raping and killing civilians during a war is right
  5. Aries

    Ilovebees is over

    What the deal with the chicken? I told him i was doing his wife and he comes up to me and does this
  6. Cluster Bombs are prohibited but the rules of war but they are still used,land mines are soon to be prohibited,and Napalm not only does damage to people but to wildlife. Also Napalm is not very easliy controled as we have seen in Nam and WW2.
  7. Napalm doesnt kill instantly you get burned alive
  8. I think Napalm should be banned because its inhuman weapon. Just like Nuke/Bio/Chem weapons.
  9. Aries

    funny stuff

    Bush and Kerry get smacked
  10. I got all the way up to the last level on the first tet offencie map This is on the XBOX version
  11. Aries

    ShellShock Nam'67

    I think the only good think about it is MOMMA-SON
  12. OFP is 10 times better than GR but i still enjoy GR for different reasons so please dont make yourself look like a fool by saying that
  13. Check out OFP,VBS-1,and Full Spectum warrior
  14. Bin Laden is a Girlie man
  15. Seen it a million times
  16. Check out OFP British royal marines and red devils do
  17. How about completely remaking him with new weapons and such
  18. If you cant convice him to continue with the mod can you atleast release the rest of the missions?
  19. What about German soldiers as specialists too?
  20. How many missions will the campiagn have?
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