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  1. I've had the occasional drop, but for the most part the connectivity issues are better than GRAW1. If you're talkin' ranked, that's a whole 'nuther issue. It's not a tech issue, it's an as$hole issue. Pardon my french, but I was able to achieve a 6-7 rank in GRAW1, but after an hour of frustration I'm about to ignore ranked play in GRAW2. I've resisted filing a lot of negative feedback tonight. Only because I'm not sure if I'm disco'd by the host, or it's a legitimate network error... Forcing random teams was a good idea, but one of the reasons I ranked up in GRAW1 is 'cause people assume you're a chump if you're ranked <3(easy cannon fodder). In that regard, the rank system worked in my favor. I can't even get/stay in a Sharpshooter ranked match, much less LMS or Siege. I'm just going to assume they're scared. Okay, I'll shut up. edit: I've had very few issues playing custom games or unranked games with randoms. It's just ranked games that're raising my blood pressure.
  2. Already being third person, being able to switch shoulders and the lean, it has as adequate cover system IMO. If anything, it just takes a little more finesse to use it.
  3. Thanks for the "recon" work folks. It's going to be a long couple of days.
  4. Mine was done by the time I woke up this morning. Last night I was starting to worry I wouldn't get to check this out over the weekend. Sheesh. Yes it's pricey, but i'm with Poon. Just knowing it's there is too great a temptation. Unfortunately, I had to go in to work. Starting to feel a little under the weather...
  5. I got the MS one for $40. If you check out the other ones make sure you have your "genders" right. The MS one came with a double female VGA adapter. If it didn't I'd have been a bit frustrated. I already mentioned the RCA to 1/8". That was a nice touch.
  6. I grabbed the VGA cables yesterday. Fortunately it also came w/ RCA to 1/8" mini audio adapter. Unfortunately I bought said adapter at RadioShack before I opened the packaging. Anyway, well worth it. I was playing on a 32" toob and I'm now playing on a 19" trinitron. Downgrade in screen real estate, but the resolution is worth it. Interestingly most games are now forcing letterbox or the aspect ratio is messed up. The good news is GRAW MP isn't one of the games that's messed up(SP campaign forced letterbox before the VGA). I'm using 1024x768. Last time I checked that was 4:3.
  7. When I fired up GRAW for the 1st time and played a little SP I was concerned. Followed by relief when I tried the MP.
  8. I think you'd take too much of a performance hit enabling it. Fortunately tearing isn't an issue on my toob.
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