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  1. come on people let's talk about this. i know other ghost titles never had a cover system but games need to change and be competitive. there are so many places to take cover in this game it's a shame they didn't put it in the multiplayer. it would make this game almost perfect aside from the clan matches which is another topic. iv'e read other topics on it and all i hear is people that claim they have been playing the series from the beginning and don't want the cover system. well i'm one of those guys. iv'e been playing from the begining of xbox live and i want the cover system. i want to post up on a wall and have a nice lil fire fight. first on to get a solid hit wins, what's wrong with that? and i'm not talking about a field with rocks and shrubs lol. i'm talking about the maps with buildings and there's a lot. don't no how to do a poll on here bit it would be nice to see one on this topic. i loved the cover system in rainbow and see no reason why it couldn't be in this game just use the single player cover system of this game it would work fine. i host every night and always hear people asking were is the cover system, and how nice it would be to have one. it's to bad a few people don't care for it and the dev's listened to them and not the majority. hope to see some good posts on this and i hope a dev will respond.
  2. every one should get a 1000 microsoft pionts for this. if they don't have the staffing or know how they shouldn't do it. who cares about the forums get live up first. this just ###### me off have 3 days off for once in like a year and can't play on live aaaarrrrrrr
  3. now i'm getting ###### this is bs how long does it take to update?????
  4. well it's been 40 hours and still can't play on live with the friends. this sucks. tryed the campian in graw agian and i still hate it lol. i just hope for all this waiting we get the clan stuff on the dashboard. is anyone able to play on live yet??
  5. sorry people but graw never hit #1 and never will with out clan support and random alternating spawns that work. it's dead in the water only noobies injoy it
  6. nightcord what are you talking about everytime you come in my room you get shot to pieces and get mad and leave lol. and my clan would eat you for a snack lol
  7. ya but are you going to fix blind seige. we need alternating random spawns and you know it don't work so what's the deal?? and we should have that option in lms also.
  8. hell i don't even see were it says blind siege i see seige but not blind seige do you have to customize or somthing?? oh and after a week i got bored and bought the dlc lol sorry
  9. it's not about the money hell that's nothing it's the piont that you are sucking up to there cheesyness
  10. I have been playing on xbox live from the begining played all the ghosts and rainbows. they put graw out with only 10 maps and limited options and then expect us to fork over another 15 bucks for stuff that should have shiped in the first place i don't think so. that is so wrong. if we stand together and say screw you and don't get the dlc maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee and make better games. this is an outrage to gamers and i won't give them jack didly ######. like to see some good coments about this. just say no on the dlc and see what happens.
  11. exactly give us stats and in game clan matches like on rainbow six black arrow and it would be the best improvment to date for this game. and screw the ranked game stuff it's gay. who want's to play with a bunch of people you don't know and the lil kids screw that lol absolutly no team play going on there
  12. nope random spawns don't work figured that out the first day. you always start at the same place and there's nothing random about that. i guess the random spawns is broke and they just haven't realized it yet lol. and it needs to random and swapped at the same time
  13. first of all iv'e been on xbox live since the beginning and played all the ghost recons and all the rainbows. there my bread and butter well except r63 letdown. any way it's just no fun any more playing ghost with out knowing how many kills and deaths i have. me and my friends are very very very compitative and the ranked games are just gay xbox live is about playing with friends not strangers with no team work. giving this game stats would add a huge amount of depth and get me to host more than 1 night a week. ya and i know there's glitchers out there that would exploit it but they are easy to spot and even eaiser to team kill and boot. please make us happy and do somthing right. we'll gladly take care of the glitchers lol. even with the new maps and weapons i don't think it's going to cut it for me with out stats.
  14. this old and outdated bit it still gets it's message across. if every went by these rules i wouldn't have to BOOT 10-20 people a night
  15. This has been written by SMSBVT. Ghost Recon: Island Thunder FAQ From Loot: Subject: Hosting Etiquette 101 Ok I am sure this thread has been done before, but here it is again for the newbies. Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form TELLING people how to behave. All advice given comes from being a dedicated GR Host since the day the game was released for Xbox Live! Take it or leave it, but if you take it you might not get booted as much as you have been. 1. When you first join a server ask if you can stay or not. Remember just because its an open/public server does not mean that the host HAS to give you the spot. He/she may be trying to get certain people in who are not on his Friends List, or they may be trying to prepare for a clan match. Also it might be that the host has reached his limit of players that he/she can hold. If the host says no, do not be a child. Accept it graciously, as a host if for some reason I cant fit someone in on my server, so long as they are graciouse about it, I will often send them a Friends Invite, and when a spot opens up try to get them in. 2. Always check the server settings when you are allowed to stay on a server. If you do not like the settings, either stick it out or leave. But do not tell the Host to change them. If you know the host ( after being on his server a few times ) it is usually ok to request a change, but if its your first time and noone knows you you will prolly be told that this is what the settings are, if you do not like it you are free to leave. Some host will put it to a vote ( this is what I do ) and will ask all players in the lobby to "uncheck" in other words ask you to unready if you have readied up. Then the host will ask you to ready up if you want to play "such and such" the majority rules. 3. Always ask what the rules are. As an example some host will have no kit restrictions, but ask that players only bring hand held explosives, no luanchables ( Rocket Launchers, OICW`s ect. ). Follow these rules, if you do not like them, leave. Do not complain and whine about it, the host has come to these rules for whatever reasons, it is thier server, respect that. 4. Never join a server and go on observer right away, this will get you booted. If its a team game and there are already 12 people on the server, do not ask if its full, unless you can not count. Just leave and find a new game. Again, do not go observer if you see there are 12 players, most host will not allow this. Why? Because someone on observer takes up as much bandwidth as someone playing. 5. Do not trash talk, swear excessivly, or be rude. I will boot someone who is biligerant to anyone on my server, as will most host. This is differnt if you are a regular and are messing around with other regulars, but if you are new to a server chill. 6. If there are girls on the server, keep it in your pants. crude comments, or saying things like "girls cant play, they are nade whores", ect. will get booted so fast you end up in next sunday. We are all here to play and have fun, respect your fellow players, regardless of sex, race, or religion. The flip side is the same, noone really wants to here someoen preach about thier god, or listen to the girl gamers go off about how men are dogs who need to be trained. 7. For the love of god, do not play your crappy music through your headset! I have a sound system of my own that gives me much better quality thank you very much. 8. If while playing you see a sensor and wish to shoot it, do us all a favor and do it on single shot. Why is this? Because shooting sensors on full auto can more often then not lock up a server. 9. When playing games with respawns ask if spawn killing/raping is allowed. I am not starting a debate here on this subject, some server allow it, some dont. So just ask. 10. Do not, I repeat DO NOT send out any invites on a server unless you have asked the host. If the host says its ok, send the invite but cancel if the person you are inviting has not accepted the invite after about 30 second to a minute. Why is this? Because invites take up a slot in the lobby as if they were a player. Nothing is more frustrating then having 11 players and not being able to fill the last spot because someone has an invite out. If you have sent out an invite and the person accepted, but for later it will hold a spot for him. Again this is a problem when trying to fill up a room. If you have sent one out and this is the case, please, leave the room and join back up. This free`s up the slot you had reserved with your invite and saves the host a huge head ache. If you do not what will most likely happen is the host will shut down the current server and start a new one. 11. Please do not use a voice mask, they only serve to annoy people and make what you are saying hard to understand. 12. Be a gracious winner and loser, we all win, we all lose, dont be a **** about it. 13. Do not scream into the mic. It hurts our ears. SOmetimes the voice messes up and noone can hear what you are saying. This will clear up when you die, or when someoen else dies (usually) yelling into the mic "HEY! CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ME!" will do you no good, and if the voice cuts back on suddenly, you will have a room full of angry players. 14. If you accidently TK someone apologize for it, if you do it again chances are it wasnt an accident and you will be kicked. ( Unless its just a bunch of regs and you are all messing around ) 15. Finally, and this is just to repeat something said earlier, be respectful. Do not think you can sit there and insult people and be an idiot without anyone knowing who is saying it. When you talk the host can easily check to see who is talking, and he/she will boot you. This is long, and I am sure I have missed some things, but its a good base to start with. As I said I am not telling people how to play, but I am a dedicated host in GR ( and will be in IT, and RS3) and these are teh things that will get you booted on my server, and on alot of others. From: ICEPICC Subject: Hijacking a Room PLayers will sometimes come into a hosts room and steal players from that room to go to another one. Please don't do this as it is difficult enough to fill a room. There are exceptions to this as clan members being pulled from the room for a clan match that they were unaware of. From: BICDADDY Subject: Hosting 101 (cont) uh oh, prepare yourself for a host lesson... 101. If there's one thing to learn about this game, it's not to tell the host how to run his/her room. I'm one of the unlucky ones that can't get enough upload speed (for less than $100) to be able to host, so here's a relatively quick lesson. It's the hosts room, so don't start barking orders (ie.; where's the respawns?; that map sucks; hurry up and ready up!; I could go on, but I hope you get the picture). If they ask for map suggestions, then you can put in your .02. When a host bumps up his server, it's usually to get people they want in. If someone has an invite out, that spot is taken up, so he will have to bump up the number of players to open the room a little... it doesn't mean he/she can host 12. It's the hosts room, so if he/she wants to be an ****, it's up to them... they can boot who they want, for no reason at all sometimes. Usually a good host will ask politely, but anyone can run out of patience once and a while (like this post). Fill your F/L with people you enjoy playing with, and your problems will soon be solved. Just remember, when you enter a room you've never played in b4, check your attitude at the door. From: SMSBVT Subject: Glitches Explained Glicthing is considered a form of cheating. With 3 dimensional object in play, there are methods of manipulating them to acquire a superior position over the opposition... for example, most people know that Island has a rock in it that you can crawl into and shoot the opps... however, this is considered bad behavior and just speaking of it can get you cleared out of some rooms forever. There are 3 types of glitches in GR/GRIT. 1. Slant Glitches (not a very big issue compared the the one mentioned above). 2. Corner Glitches (A little more important and easier to commit by accident). 2. Object glitches (Big issue if you use them). Slant glitch is where you are on an incline/decline and shooting at your target as you are slightly above the line of horizon. This is an issue because to the opponent, you will appear to have head, shoulders, elbows visible and your gun will appear to be aiming for the sky. You will not know that you are actually doing it so it is not easy for you to tell. The opponents however, upon seeing you, will attempt to shoot you and will not get a hit at all... this is because, what they are actually seeing is not really you but a distorted display of where you are. Some people believe that if you are in a location where you can be gotten at from other locations than where they are, then you are not glitching in this position. Solution: When on an incline/decline, get into the crouching position (DO NOT GET ON YOUR BELLY). This way, the target will see your actual representation of just your head. Corner glitch is where you are shoting from a corner and your gun goes through the corners wall. This one is easy to do by mistake and the most used glitch. I didn't understand it until one day a group fo 12 of us went into a room to see a demonstartion. Picture in your mind the corner. Now picture that we take a gun and shove it right through like sticking a needle through the corner of a cardboard box. Notice how the needle sticks through to the other side of the box on the outside... this makes the point of your gun in a valid firing location therefore you do not see shots firing on the wall or shots being deflected. However, the target will see (at least) your gun sticking out through the wall, leaving no target for them to shoot at. Sometimes the target will see the gun plus a part of your head sticking out on the side of the wall. Solution: To prevent a corner glitch, step a couple of feet away from the wall and then use peek technique to obtain your target. Because your gun is away from the wall, you will not have your gun going through the wall. On of the first things I saw people doing when GRIT came out was to explore the maps to find objects that they could use for object glitching. Object glitching is a difficult one to explain. Imagine that every object on the screen has the ability to be an obstruction of line of fire. In order to do this, these object have to take on a solid like characteristic. So for example, a large boulder can be shot at, but not through. The creation of 3-D objects has left somewhat of a gap in the objects (a point in the object where another object could obtain that space). These gaps can be utilized to allow you to become a part of the objects rendering location. So, a person could manipulate their way inside the boulder and be able to see all objects around the outside of the boulder (including targets). Now imagine that the target outside the boudler coudl shoot at the boulder and the shot is deflected (according to the rules laid out for that object), but the person inside the boulder can shoot outside of the boulder at the target because there is no rule created for the object that says anything about shts fired from inside the boulder. Solution: Identify anyone who uses object glitches to everyone you know. Pretty soon there won't be a room in XBL that will play with them. Another idea would be to avoid attempting any actions on objects in the maps except for those designated as targets. Imagine a piece of candy with a paper wrapper around it... that is how 3-D objects are in this world. The developers create a frame that makes the shape of the candy (Object) then they wrap an image around the object (candy). No imagine that you have the ability to sqweeze into the space between the two wrapper openings... now you are inside the object (you are the candy if you will). Now the targets can shoot at the wrapper but the rules of the game says that if wrapper gets shot, the shot will deflect and go elsewhere. But if you are inside there wrapper and shoot out, there are no rules for what is to become of the bullet, so it follows the rules of the bullet and continues on it's path to the target. Another note of solution for object glitches: MOST of these positions are still vulnerable to explosive devices... grenades, claymores... rockets.... etc... One last thing... just as there is no perfect human being in the world, there is also no perfect game in the world... choose the lesser of the evils and enjoy your game. Last of all, you have to rely on everyone you game with to uphold and respect what ever gaming rules that a game room host sets up. For example, in most of the rooms I play in, there are no slant glitches aloud. You must take a knee. If you are caught on a slant and prone, then you will get a warning. If you are caught doing it again, the game room host will kick you from the game. From: SMSBVT Subject: Spawn Camping I used to think that spawn killing was for whimps and that it was a cheasy way to play, but I have been on an exploration lately to find new avenues of this game and I studied the art of spawn killing to see what it was comprised of... here is what I have learned... In order to spawn kill you must be able to successfully complete the following: 1. seek out the opposing teams base without getting killed. 2. Seek out a good defensive location at opposing teams base to take your stance, without getting killed. 3. Begin eliminating those who respawn (when they do respawn that is... the wait can last a whole game). 4. While eliminating the opposing team DON'T GET KILLED. 5. If the opposing team should mange to take you out... repeat the above steps. Now here is the processes that non=spawn killers must go through... 1. seek out the opposing team without being killed. 2. If opposing team should kill you respawn and repeat the above steps. Yes, after understanding this, I learned to understand just how complex it is to spawn camp... I may do it once in a while (more so lately than in the past), but my hat is off to those who can successfully spawn camp for a long term. I do still get angry about being spawn camped, but I have learned a great deal about it now and I have more respect for how difficult it can be to do it... One last note: If you don't like spawn camping even after this informational... DON'T PLAY IN ROOM'S WHERE INFINIT RE-SPAWNS ARE ALLOUD. Oh, yeah... and thank you spawn campers for making me a better player... From: SMSBVT Subject: Clan Etiquette Non-Clan Memebers (you unless you have recently joined a clan): There are a few things that we need to cover so that when you encounter clan members you and they do not get offended. 1. When a clan member enters your room and asks "Does anyone here want to have a clan match?" If you don't, then stay quiet for those who might... 2. If no one is interested, inform them that no one seems to be interesed. Ask them to leave politely after they get a silent response. 3. Give them a few seconds to go through their menu to make the exit. They didn't come in your room to get on your nerves, they just wanted to establish a game for their teammates. 4. When entering a room that has clan members in it, you may get "Sorry fella, you have to leave, this is a clan event". If you do, thank them for their time and leave. There is no need to be a jerk about it. They have chosen to use a room that clan members only are in so that you can find a better room without having to hear their clan business... you should be thankful. Clan Members: There are a few things that non-clan members get irritated about... for example interrupting their game and aksing if anyone wants a clan match, then hanging around and cursing at them because they said "NO". Try these steps: 1. When entering a room and requesting a clan match, keep it short, polite and to the point... "Excuse the interruption, but I would like to ask if anyone wants a clan match?" If there is no answer in about 3 to 5 seconds, thank the host for their time and get out of there. 2. If you want to have a conversation with a clan mate or clan member of another team, ask them to join you in a small room or a private room. Tell them you would like to discuss clan things with them. NEVER, discuss clan events in an open room. You may give away clan information to other team members and because it is rude to those who just come in to have some fun. Respect those who want to hold a normal game. From: GR Halo Sniper Subject: How to talk Press and hold the White button if you want to talk to someone. Release it when you are done. This is being posted, because no one reads the manual. Subject: Playing Ghost Recon but no one is online: Ghost Recon (GR for short) is the orginal game. Most of the players have moved up to playing Ghost Recon:Island Thunder (GRIT for short), but we still enjoy a good clasical game of GR. Here is a check off list for what you will want to have in order to join with the others: 1. Ghost Recon (because the old game is just as cool as the current game) 2. Ghost Recon Island Thunder (Because nothing in X-Box compares {yet}). 3. If you are getting this set before Rainbow6 v3 has been released, you want to pre-order the Rainbow 6 v3 and request the demo disk with it (or borrow it from a friend or check the forum for those who may have a version of it for you). Problem here is that you cannot enter someone's room and play with them unless you have the same maps, most of the players here have these maps. 4. Get all the DLC (Down Loadable Content) from X-Box Live (any maps your are missing). Now you should be able to go online and join rooms for gaming. From: FrayedKnotJeff Subject: Training on Ghost Recon Before you chose to play Ghost Recon/Ghost Recon: Island Thunder on Live, you should run through the training program. You may even want to play the old Ghost Recon and go through the 50 tasks in the Dossier. This is how most of the players got to learn Ghost Recon. By doing this, they learned the maps and how to use the equipment. From: Kleaneasy Subject: Multi If you are having problems finding games when u search in Ghost Recon or Island Thunder TURN OFF the FILTER. The search filter will not show results for any games where the host has put the number of players above the xbox suggested amount. As the suggested amount is not accurate most hosts will have increased the recommended numbers. Leaving u little or no results in your search with the filter on. Ghost Recon and Island Thunder DOES NOT support split screen play on live or link play. Only offline multiplayer. Unlocking multiplayer GAMETYPES/ MAPS in Ghost Recon The GR campaign allows you to unlock certain maps and gametypes. These are for use on multiplayer games and so will not show up on the settings of offline games. That doesnt mean you didnt unlock them as they are only visable in the correct set up i.e multiplayer. DOWNLOAD CONTENT To join a hosts room you must have the same download content as them, if you do not get a download it will restrict the rooms you can join. Should you have any problems with downloads contact xbox support who will help you to resolve the problem. Failing to take advantage of these downloads will effect the number of available games. CHOICE Remember that everyone plays the game differently. There are many settings available in the game which make the game experience vary dramatically. This doesnt make one way right and another wrong, simply different. Please respect other gamers regardless of your thoughts on their gamestyle. From: SMSBVT Subject: Lighting Lighting in the game: It would seem that many people are not fully educated on the how the lighting works in GR/GRIT. In the games, people got their first experience with lighting effects, for example, a cloud passes over a player and it creates a shadow in the players area. This was a cool effect they came out with. A sniper could be hidden in plain site when the cloud is overhead, but when the sun hits him, he becomes exposed. This encouraged the sniper to keep moving. The Lighting in Ghost Recon was such that users would always run around (night or day) with their night vision on. This presented a problem for UBISoft. How do you prevent the users from using night while in the daylight? The solution was presented in GRIT when they adjusted the brightness on the night vision, making it difficult to use in the daylight. Unfortunantely, there weren't very many maps that allowed night vision to be used. This irritated the players and they came up with the idea of adjusting the breightness settings on the game controls. This was considered at that time a new form of cheating. Most hosts didn't care for people using this method. Now it seems to have become an accepted norm. Although I still don't use this technique, it does sound interesting. Going from Dark to light after viewing the map. When the programmers came up with the lighting idea in GRIT to eliminate night vision, it had one bad side effect, it caused the view to go from really dark to normal. This effect was the combination of the changes in lighting and the effect how the lighting tool works. The dark background of the map is perceived by the lighting program to be a dark map, then when the user switches to normal game view, it was perceived by the lighting tool to be a day map, result creates the effect of going from a dark building to a bright lit daylight. Now this behavior was expected when you did go from a dark building to broad daylight, but not when coming from the map. This was apparently a bug that GRIT chose to livve with to make their release date. Several players have devised ways to deal with it... the best and quickest was to go into a scope zoom in/out mode after checking the map. Another idea was to check your map in buildings, then step out into the clear (which was ideal anyway), it provided protection form Zulus while allowing you to safely view your map. From: SMSBVT Subject: LAG LAG when playing GR/GRIT: Although X-Box/Microsoft will claim that there is no such thing as lag in their configuration, we know better. There are people who game with people on the other side of the world. This can generate lag. So many connections, somewhere along the way someone has a bad connection speed. This can be avoided by playing with people closer to your location. It also makes it better for hooking up and tossing down a few beers/root beers together. Hosts who set their number of players higher than recommened + 2. That is to say that they are going 3 or 4 plyers higher than the recommended number of players. This will generate lag. To reduce this problem as a host, you can either get a better high speed server with a greater upload or you can just reduce your number of players to a number more suitable to you situation. I know some hosts that have to go 2 players below recommended. This is because they live in a remote area where the connection is not so good. Full Boom's can be a notorious issue when it comes to lagging. Many times I will be asked, "How can I test my hosting speed in real game time"? My answer is, set the number of players to the max you want to hold, turn on full boom's, everyone go crazy with firing your full boom's during the whole round. If you start seeing people drop out, then you need to cut back your number of players. Ask each of your players how bad was the lag? The will give you a response. Apply this information to your number of players count. Repeat this process until you have found a comfort level that works for you and you players. Also, keep in mind that while you have a comfort level established, there could be times when you will still get lag... during these times, consider cutting down your room size. Keep it to an even number, this will also help keep the teams balanced. Peak Internet times: All around the world, there are time slots that everyone gets home from school/work and want to check their email. If this is a peak time for your area, you may want to reduce your number of players. Evaluate this to see just how much you are affected in your area. Some people have found this to be an issue, some have found it to be trivial, but it does exist. A buddy of mine lived in an appartment complex that had Cable modem. This was a hge complex of 300 or more apt's, which housed roughly 3 or more poeple per apt. Right around dinner time, his high speed was more like dial-up. He had to wait until everyone was out of the peak time then he could host 12 count room. Another friend could only host after midnight pacific time in order to get a good connection. This was when all his companies co-workers were no longer on the network, they had gone home. The difference for him would be going from 6 to 12. bottom line, the internet is a living breathing beast. There will be times when the connectivity between all the random points (each player) will be good and there will be times when it is bad. You have to use good judgement and feedback from your players to make the right choices.
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