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  1. Use your team to kill people. Or go back and find a weapon from a dead body. Throw grenades. lol my team is dead, and i loaded (after loading there dead bodies no longer remain there) so can i just start the mission over ?
  2. im on the second to last mission (not for sure) where i have to stand on the roof and snipe people (to save the general) on problem i dont have a gun with a scope, please help!!!
  3. has anyone noticed the minor popin graphic problems, or am i just seeing things?
  4. i just wanted to know how close i am to the end, I just beat the blackhawk down one (where the general is in a blackhawk, it crashes you run to the crash site and save him) give me a approx. percentage. thanks
  5. see my problem is i have school for 6 hours a day then usually go to work 5-6 hours every day ( i have 2 days off in the next 2 weeks, and they aint even full days off i still gotta go to school )
  6. is there anyway that u can make a custom face plate/ where can i buy faceplates ???? (if on ebay under what catagory?)
  7. oh man i had hoped to beat GRAW before oblivion came out but i failed, sorry guys just played 2 hours of oblivion and im having more fun with it that GRAW, so my posts will be limited (lol) unless im in my computer art class which i just sit there and look at the internet and hope my teacher doesnt see me!!!! i need time off work lol (only have 2 days off in the next 2 weeks!!) reply if you care !
  8. someone before had a post saying you should enable vsync, how do i enable it ?
  9. yea i was just saying, i love GRAW, no diss to it, just saying oblivion is way more hyped then GRAW ever was or ever will be..... it better produce!
  10. good question, i was wondering the same thing?!?
  11. is that projection tv or a flat panel ?
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