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  1. dang i wished i was wrong
  2. Is it just me or can you only change the face? Not to be slandering or anything, but just curious. Like i thought they said a lot could be changed...
  3. whats wrong with negative opinions? ← Nothing, and after two weeks I also must admit that although great, lacks depth and replayability features in campaign mode. I even bought a xbox 360 to play this game, but will go back to the pc version when it hits the shelves. If you want to read my review hit to the pc parts of the forum, it changed after two weeks of playing. Cheers ← yea that was a little out of line, and im sorry...
  4. whats wrong with negative opinions?
  5. Well some other stuff, like the grainyness of the multiplaer maps, altho its probably my tv. I havent been able to try the game on my HD yet. But unless you read the whole thing, i still love the game. There are just a few minor errors. And if you are so ignorant as to hate anyone that has an opinion, well sucks for you. I am just pointing them out and maybe Ubi can maybe fix it. Like really the AI blows, like i will be peering around a corner, see an enemy and start shooting and my buddy will run in front of me thus dying cause he is a complete ############. Just the little anoying bits really. And to get one thins straight i never said the graphics were bad, its just some stuff is just stupid. Like really force us to see our guy reload yet no mag remove w/ empty hand? Kinda dumb on their part. And for the controls, they are annoying in a sense of you cant really edit them sensitivity wise, and too bad for southpaws(i am a left, but i play normal) But once you get used to them its all fine, and fun. But the option sould still be nice. Why are multiplayer and Single so different? Like for instance on your hud if you look at a teammate and/or objective why doesnt the range indicator come up? I had a problem with that last night, dont kno why tho. Thanks for the ignorant flames, and thanks for the guys who were nice about it
  6. well i love the game, best game on 360(not counting GEO Wars that is) but it has a few problems... The first would definatly have to be AI, Enemy and Friendly... Mainly cause the Enemy knows where you are at all times, like you walk around a corner and he is looking other way, bam your dead... Freindlys ccause they are so *** dumb... that about sums that up nicely... Graphics... While they are nice, some animations are crap... i mean look at PDZ when you look at someone reloading in game you actually see their mag being removed, which is cool... Now that wouldnt be that big if GRAW was mainly FPS(like you cant choost 3rd person), but you HAVE to see your charecter reload, and yet the mag remains... it looks like crap... How you have to launch into campaign or multi, and wait for it to load... and some acheivments are just unreachable... And then On to to multipayer... So why no spectator mode eh??? i mean once you finish waiting forever to even see what games are availible, you have to sit there at stare at a screen to actually, eventually play. Why do the graphics suck? Well they are better than most all games, but why not as good as single? I could understand them being bad if you were playing split screen, but you arent. I mean PDZ has same graphics in multi as single... why cant GRAW do it? i meant its not like it was a launch game... No bullet holes, bad textures... etc... Oh and the fact that it seems to be made by an entirely different game company... it looses very good features from single player, like perring around walls and such. I know it would be kinda cheap, but it would teach people to use cover.... And the controls, oh the controlls... DAMN!!! they *** those up.. like tap the stick and u do a 180, and noo oh nooo you cant change the sensitivity!! oh and different control schemes... *** that!!! we already got your money!!! Stupid UbiSoft people, didnt they have usability tests... i mean on tester must have said, jeez these controls are too touchy... But whatever, its still fun maybe they can fix it... Like a patch to make the AI at least some what beleivable, but yea, hopefully Splinter Cell wont turn out like this
  7. a m14 would be cool, and the ability to customize your weapons
  8. yea, PDZ removes the mag, i dont see why thist game cant, especially since you have to watch someone reomove it(you can also see yours) and this is a 3rd person game, so why not so much detail? its not like it was a launch game
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