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    Ghost Recon.... and other fun stuff. Football, Football, and Football!!!!

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  1. GT: ghost627 avatar : male it would fit my gamertag
  2. I can't give u a link cuz it was from myspace. A bulletin posted from GRAW's myspace. But yeah, copied it straight from there . Thats all it says.... I'm with that guy America's Army all the way. Edit http://www.myspace.com/graw the message is shown on this page
  3. i know that was a dream come true.....now lets hope my stores have it....
  4. come again...how do u do that...is this for GRAW 1 or 2.....
  5. Just got it back any body here play in squads and show a guy some fun. Hit me up with a freinds request to Narco 06 thanx... i just gotta find my mic.. and demo is at 55%
  6. Those unlockable ones are fresh.... and they do give off the impression of class specific gear.... because of the class in the background.... but prolly not
  7. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=3483 Shows the P90 in single player -just saw this in another thread....sry
  8. Thanx for da pics. Any more would be great. Cant watch the vid. becuz of the proxy on these computers. It's funny how the week of the demo my xbox dies. And from the pics ... The levels look good especially the lighting. Now I cant wait to send in my 360. Poor thing.
  9. Can someone who dnld the demo post pics. of the levels . Just so I can get a look at the game. My Xbox died a couple of days ago. My luck. RIP 12-23-05- 2-23-07
  10. yep i forgot about that...well french guys....check this problem hahah my bad
  11. One thing i wanted to mention...was the glitches in SP. Campaign... i thought they may have been fixed but i was wrong. 1. In cover mode if u shoot before u get to the edge of the wall bullets come out of your rifle even though it is aming towards the ground. This takes alot of the realism away. 2.If you switch sides while reloading in cover . Mitchell's head spins around crazy like. 3.In cover mode if u switch side and stand up . Mitchell does some god like flying animation.. All of these problems seem to be involved wit cover mode and i hope they get addressed in the final version.
  12. GOVERNMENT DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both in the co-op and adversarial. I just want to play that level over and over and over again like I used to with SS with my friends. Crazy good gaming times there. Crazy good. And being able to do it at night would give me even momre to love about that map. Sup MasterKain....havent seen u in a while, well actually ive never seen u, but yeah...... mayn playin coop wit yall goes back in da day...was good.....Gotta do it again wit dis one.
  13. I think hes right about the HL2 thing...cuz on one screen it says this game has been delayed by valve in 2002 or somethin...... valve - half life.....forgot u could mod on the pc version...cuz im not a pc gamer...thanx...looks cool.
  14. Got this from google...and the only thing it said was recon and splinter cell.......letters were cut off.....
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