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  1. I noticed this too the other night. The problem seems to be resolved.
  2. There were 5 slots in the first GRAW too.
  3. I was ranked 1 on one of the quick mission ladders for a while, now I think I am at 4 or 5. I like these little ladders for SP missions, it make you play them over to perfect them.
  4. No it doesn't. The secondary objectives are things like fleeing vehicles.
  5. Interesting, I assumed it was UK buyers recieving the code for the FAMAS in MP, but its for SP. So even Americans do not have it unless they use the code.
  6. Sniping the driver usually stops the trucks dead in their tracks. If you can get a shot on them that is.
  7. A Ukraine and Russian storyline would be interesting.
  8. And that has to do with running too fast how? I never said it did, but if actually read his ENTIRE post you would see he mentioned that as well.
  9. The overcast thing is annoying, everything looks smudged and blurry.
  10. Gauranteed it will be DLC, along with "new" chapters to the suprisingly short single player.
  11. Everything I was worrying about the game before its release was never realized, and the game is truly amazing. Dare I say the best 360 game to date.
  12. Well GRAW averaged well over 9/10, and considering what a much more better game GRAW 2 is, I am not suprised by the scores.
  13. In GRAW 2 its textures are a lot sharper and there is dust and debri blowing around. It looks like an upgraded Nowhere. They need to redo Oldtown and Treasury if they are going this route.
  14. Nowhere is now available as a FREE download, but you must link your account to one you have or have to create on ubisoft.com
  15. Not really, I use to with 1 or 2 other guys play 1 hour long defends, with only 1 extra respawn. It was quite fun.
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