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  1. Whats worse people complaining about the bad game or people complaining about the people complaining? People complaining about the people complaining for sure... Anyway your pretty lucky if you dont like people complaining about the game. There would have been far more people complaining if they had stuck around, most people just laughed at how bad it was then forgot the game even existed...
  2. It is not a matter of it not being known, most/all issues are known. What makes this thread worthwhile is that it let's us state which we feel should be the first to be released. Not only is it obvious there are already threads which make the order obvious too... Jesus
  3. Threads like this are certainly not needed... Its always been blatantly obvious what has to be done and there are already many threads on these forums on such issues but so far they have been too incompetent to deliver even the basics of an online game.
  4. You could go on, but not in this thread. If you having nothing to say about this topic, don't bother posting in it. which is maybe why i didnt go on? I was merely answering joseph's question...
  5. So you think that damage system and reactions to a hit are minor minor things in tactical shooter ? when there is no dedicated servers, no proper game modes, a terrible browser, no proper anticheat, hardly any weapons, god I could go on... yes
  6. there is far far far more important things for them to be worrying about than minor minor things like this...
  7. The patch is indeed very disappointing... They have the priorities completely wrong... its sad really Deathmatch mode > Dedicated servers... lol
  8. cus MP hasnt even begun - no dedicated servers, no anti cheat, no decent MP modes, a massive 5, yes thats right 5, maps of which 2 are utter dire for online play... even with this almighty june patch there will never be as much people playing it as there would have been from the start if the basics for MP were there from the beginning...
  9. Seen alot of people saying this and indeed its very annoying and just adds to the whole restrictive feel of the movement...
  10. the mp side of things will never recover to what it would have been if we had the basic stuff from the start... major mistake... how about mp first then sp second... mp is bigger than sp so should be more important...they could scrap sp completely and concentrate on mp, making it perfect and gain more than they would loose... then add in sp after... how would you like that? yeah you'd all be pretty annoyed too
  11. 3/10 for mp? Now come on your being far too generous... even when this magical almighty patch comes the game will never recover to what it would have been which wouldnt have been that big anyway....
  12. yeah i hope so cus they got a lot of work to do to save this game...
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