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  1. Drop in conversion: http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?n...le&sid=1109 I have been keeping an eye on these people, but apparently they have still not filled their orders to LE & military. I would love to try one of these out on one of my project guns.
  2. I agree, but to be honest, I would have gone with a domestic rifle with a gas system. There are a couple that readily come mind.
  3. I did not say that it was for modern cartridges. The whole point of the post was HOW things were designated, in the PAST AND THE PRESENT, so that Joriko could better understand why certain cartridges that are the same in diameter are labled differently. I only posted to clarify something Krise posted, as I was not sure exactly what he was saying. I am not trying to give you a hard time, but try reading the whole thread next time before you post.
  4. That is why I still have [GR] & GRIT, but GR2 went the way of a return. The linear maps, and lack of squad controls killed GR2 in my opinion.
  5. Kurtz, I think you jumped into a discussion that my not apply to you. You also may have missed this in one of Klean's posts. There are a number of PS3 owners here, so you probably are unaware of the issues they may be facing.
  6. Wow, it has been a long time since I have done this, but to the best of my recollection, I went with the sniper, and tried to maintain as low a profile as possible to engage as few enemy as I possibly could. Good luck!
  7. Krise is correct, if you take a micrometer and measure the diameter of both bullets they will measure +/- 0.002 to 0.357. The difference as he stated is the .357 is a longer cartridge (shell case), give it the ability to hold more gunpowder and thereby be more powerful. That was not the question at hand. The question was how the rounds were designated, and the fact that they are simply measured differently. The point was that the .38 is the measurement of the diameter of the casing, not the round, so the designation of .38 is not simply arbitrary, but it actually does represent something. It was not clear to me in Krise's original post, and I thought he was saying that the .38 designation was arbitrary, when in fact he did not mean that.
  8. All of this is predicated on the assumption that the theory is even true. Hence, theory = false, then the idea that any of this can happen at any level is impossible, much less in your living room. The main problem with the subatomic level is that we are now observing the result of "behaviors", and not actually "seeing" the event. It is just like determining the size of a planet around a star that is too many light years away to fathom, but based on the unbalanced spin of the star's matter, we can make an educated guess as to how large the planet is. However, there are still factors that can skew the data, there could be multiple planets, many moons around a planet, etc... There are simply too many variables, so to say any of this is certain to any measure is arrogant at best. Too much of this is still speculation at best. Heck, electron "spin" is still something that has not been fully understood, then already we are moving beyond the idea that at the subatomic level, we are not really dealing with particles. It is interesting, but I often wish people would simply say this is what we are researching, this is what we think will be the result, and this is what we have at the moment. Go to any section where quantum physics and philosophy books are on the shelves. There are so many books that are now obsolete on account of theories that have fallen by the wayside. Many books are removed every year, as the theories are either proven wrong, or the popular view changes. I like science, and I like all of the theories, but just like any other field of study, there is often too much arrogance and assumption. I am not saying that this information is false, I am just pointing out that it is a theory at this point, COULD POSSIBLY be proven incorrect in the future.
  9. Even if he did not have sex with a prostitute, he still would be guilty. What about the financial improprieties? Everybody keeps focusing on the sex, but that is not the only issue here. They guy pursues financial corruption like a Hawk, and all the while he is dipping his hand into the cookie jar. He should burn in the court system.
  10. If she is a gold digger... Power, money, fame = she stays So, you're saying she's a politician? I would have to agree with WK's post.
  11. If she is a gold digger... Power, money, fame = she stays If she has any respect for herself =gone!
  12. I wonder what the failure rate is for the latest 360s with the new processors?
  13. If the new Falcon chip increases the lifespan of the 360 and there is another price cut to boot, I just may jump on one. I bought my old Xbox four years ago, and it has functioned flawlessly. To me personally, spending time returning a product, dealing with customer service, etc... is just not worth it. I may not game a whole lot, but at one point my DVD player conked out, so I was using my Xbox in the interm. I have run the Xbox quite a bit because of this, and still it runs like a champ. I always wait a couple years when a new product hits the market, and so far I have been very happy with that strategy.
  14. Is that a feature that will be added later?
  15. I have seen segments of Mythbusters, but I am not familiar with Smash Lab. The only cable program I watch is the Military channel, and that is only when I see it at a friends house. I do not watch enough tv to justify cable, or satilite. The only show I follow is Jericho and that is about it.
  16. Neither link that is posted seems to work for me. Even when I save the file, WMP will not run it. I have not seen the video, so I cannot comment on it specifically, but in general, conspiracy theories tend to all run flat in the long run. Eh, there is always a conspiracy of some sort out there, the IRS and CIA killed JFK, George Bush took down the WTC towers, the New Orleans Hurricane was redirected by the US gov't, Moses is buried in England, Masons run the world, Jesuits run the world, Jews run the world, Tickle me Elmo will run the world once he is in every household, etc... I read the conspiracy forums from time to time, but in the end, nothing earth shattering ever really turns up, and often the theories are riddled with contradictions. The loose change videos were absolutely horrible, and yet people swallow this stuff up. Eh, I would rather do something productive with my time. Hey, I could play GR.
  17. Is a VERY dangerous operative that leads a team of commando cats. Commando Cats Beware, once you watch this, it means that you have seen the evidence and now you must be terminated. Ledanek's Cats in Black tried to take me out last night, but I evaded their grasp. You have been warned. Ledanek's original post. This will probably really get me into trouble, but since I am on the run anyway, I will reveal the evidence for all to see.
  18. You know, I remember hearing about that. I am not sure if it was here on this forum, but I do remember that very incident. @GRIN_Wolfsong You still have VHS tapes? I sold all of mine. Some were only worth 50 cents a piece, but I really did not have any use for them. I wonder if anybody would buy them at this point.
  19. Interesting. Thanks for the responses, I had no idea that you folks in Europe actually paid even more than the consumers in the US.
  20. I know that you are on a Sony boycott, but I was wondering how long you have been on it. I have not bought a Sony product in almost ten years, however, this new PS3 really has me thinking about making an exception. Unfortunately, from what I know the customer service at Sony has not really improved and so I am still VERY hesitant about buying a product from a company that is still treating their customers poorly. I was burned VERY badly on a TV, a Walkman, a dual cassette player, and a CD player with dual cassette. Now of course I had another TV that ran flawlessly for almost ten years, but my other experiences are just very difficult to overlook. The TV was the worst, as Sony refused to take it back saying that they could not be sure that I did not neglect or abuse it in some way. After a long battle, sending it in twice for poor repair jobs, the warranty ran out and Sony refused to take it again. A quick check at a local TV repair shop revealed some loose wiring. Problem fixed for just a few bucks, and the TV ran flawlessly. The other products mentioned were a BIG hassle too, but I think you get the picture. I can tell you this much right now, if Nintendo had put out the PS3, I would have jumped on it immediately. Anyway, is your Sony boycott a permanent thing, or are you waiting for them to improve their customer service?
  21. I did not know that you could not buy the "upgraded" PS3 in Europe. I thought US consumers had a bad deal by being charged more than Japanese consumers. How many Euros does the currently available PS3 cost there?
  22. I was not going to look at this thread again, but holy smokes. This is really looking nice. I clicked on some of the Resistance videos, and I have to say that the one with the Hedgehog grenade really stands out.
  23. I have to agree. I remember playing OFP for the first time and simply being blown away by the size of the maps. Too bad that I am on a Sony boycott.
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